Where’s Bobby?

The House and Senate recently passed a Farm Bill, which hadn’t been done since ’08. The operative word here is “comprehensive”, and we all know what that means—over-the-top expensive and a Pork-A-Thon of massive proportions.

Naturally Cheri Bustos (D-NARAL) voted for it, saying, among other things, that it would “provide certainty for the farm sector”.

Both of Illinois’ senators likely voted for it, too—the Dick Durbin, for sure since he’ll vote for anything that allows him to spend other people’s money.

On the other hand and on the other side of the country, both of my Senators voted against it saying “Unfortunately, this bill is not really a Farm bill, it’s a Food Stamp bill with some farm provisions.” Speaking of “unfortunately”, my GOP congressman voted for this abomination saying something about farm/ranch stuff in his district, blahblahblah. Whatever.

Back in Illinois, Eric Reyes agrees with my senators saying “This farm bill is continued corporate welfare and regular welfare without much needed reform to either. Vote Bustos out!” You’ll remember Reyes dropped out of the race for 17thCD, yet he is still engaged and giving ’em hell—and giving ‘er hell.

Speaking of hell, where the hell is Bobby Schilling on this? Maybe he thinks commenting on current events is not his job—fundraising is. Maybe he spends all his time on the phone exhorting The Faithful—and possibly The Unfaithful to open their wallets so he can make up his campaign deficit. Maybe he’s too frightened to take a stand on this issue—and others, planning to win by saying Obamacare! I’m Not A Democrat! Has Reyes taken over the job of Communications Director for Schilling? If so, he seems to be doing a better job than the current occupant.

Back in the day (circa ’09-’10) Schweppe was blasting out at least one press release a day, but now he can’t even fire up to comment on a major issue like the Farm Bill? What gives? I’ve heard an inordinate amount of time is taken up at Schilling HQ with acting out bad episodes of The Office. Could be some adult supervision is needed unless Schilling plans on using the Hare playbook and not firing up for electioneering until September.

That would be a bad move—as The Philster can attest.


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None of your damned business.

14 thoughts on “Where’s Bobby?”

  1. Reyes for Communications Director in IL17! Yes we can!

    Ed. Note: Exhibit A why adult supervision is needed at Bobby HQ.

  2. Fire Jon Schweppe! Fire the bad apple! Schweppe thinks he may be Jim Halpert, but he’s really Creed Bratton.

    Ed. Note: Exhibit B why adult supervision is needed at Bobby HQ.

  3. Don’t be to hard on Schweppe. After all this is Schwepee’s final paid political gig in Rock Island County politics.. The problem isn’t Schweepe or Eric Reyes for that matter. No, the problem is Bobby himself!

    The fact is, Bobby doesn’t have anything to say. He had his chance and achieved nothing! So why would anyone vote to replace an effective Cheri Bustos with someone that has already been in Congress and failed to get anything done? It’s far easier for voters stay “the course” than risk their vote on someone voters have already rejected.

  4. I don’t blame Schwepee–or Schweepe either, and certainly not Reyes, but I do agree with you that a fish rots from the head down and the way Schilling’s third campaign compares with his first says a lot about him, who he is and what is motivating him, if anything.

  5. Really Schillings message hasn’t changed much since his original campaign. He just doesn’t have foot and mouth diseased Philobluster to run against. If he really is to win he needs to find a flank that is breakable. His current method more resembles Pickett’s Charge. His 2010 commercial follows.

  6. This is almost exactly the same as the 2012 campaign spot that is featured on Schilling’s website blog, except it is expanded to 1:01 minute and includes a lot of Christie cowbell—she must poll really well!

    As for Pickett’s Charge, that’s an interesting idea but I don’t get the feeling that The Schilling Faithful are all that interested in riding to their death for the Shillster.

    I could be wrong—for a variety of reasons, but I just don’t see the enthusiasm in ’14 that I did in ”09-’10.

    But there’s still time to rally the troups—if they can and will be rallied. 😀

    But still, you bring up an interesting question—-where IS the breakable flank for Schilling—-or does one even exist? There just isn’t a whole lot of daylight between Bobby Bustos—which would seem to be his problem. 🙂

  7. Dang! Now I’m thinking about what would Schilling’s “breakable flank” on Bustos be?

    I don’t think the Obamacare thing will stick any more than her trying to stick the shutdown on Schilling. Bustos didn’t vote for OCare and did vote for some provisions that would loosen it’s grip on The Little People.

    Her position on abortion is pretty radical but I’m guessing that issue is way down on the list of issues that concern the good people of the 17th CD. Also, it is entirely possible Schilling has said some radical stuff about the subject, although he has supposedly gone mainstream at the moment.

    Jobs? I dunno, has either done much in that area? Being in Illinois is a problem for both—until Springfield gets its act together, Illinois is not gonna be a jobs magnet.

    As far as I can tell, their voting records are very similar—as the Bustos Is A DINO guy can attest.

    I know Schilling said he was going to wait until after the primary to get started with his “flawless” campaign, but unless someone else has some ideas, I don’t know what he can do to cause much harm to Bustos—or break her flank as S phrased it.

    Maybe he’d be better off going all positive and Reagan optimistic instead of negative.

  8. “I don’t know what he can do to cause much harm to Bustos”
    Neither Schilling or Bustos has performed well enough or bad enough in their short political careers to make for splashy sparring sessions. Schilling was lucky enough to be running against an arrogant presumptuous slob in Philobuster his first attempt. In his second go round he overestimated the advantage he had as incumbent in a specifically gerrymandered for Democrat candidates district. Its like sock puppet vs. sock puppet this go-around, only this time Bustos has the political advantage.Schilling has to pull a rabbit out of his hat to beat Bustos. That means having an insider on her campaign digging for dirt or he has to run a visually appealing campaign that makes himself look like everybody is gonna eat steak if he wins, while making enough voters think it is Spam meals (except in Hawaii where Spam is a favorite food) on their plates for the next two years. How can he do that? Dogged if I know, I am Just a lowly scoundrely blogger – not some pizza pushing political whiz kid.

    “Maybe he’d be better off going all positive and Reagan optimistic instead of negative”

    Schilling ain’t running against jimmy carter either. He is running against a Lane Evans wannabe. She is kissing the a$$es of her base while putting on enough show in DC to say she is active. Plus she has her knighted champion Dirty Dick Durbin to run rough shod over those in her path. I still think Reyes was the best choice – dirty laundry and all. But if Reyes is going to survive the political arena – he has got to go all Bill Clinton and learn to overcome the obstacles of his wilder side.

  9. Agree 100% about Hare being an easy target and about Reyes being a better choice.

    You are also correct that he will have to posses the political skills of Bill Clinton to rise above all the detritus that has surrounded him.

    I still believe he could be a transformational figure in Illinois GOP politics if he can get past—his past.

    In the interim, it looks like Schilling v. Bustos Zzzzzzzz

  10. “transformational figure” lol

    “his past” … and present… and future… lol

    ed.note: Exhibit D

  11. Yeah Bobby! Yeah Pizza Guy! Yeah Reproduced Himself TEN Times! Yeah Democrat Lite! Yeah Boring White Guy GOPer! Yeah Bobby Bustos.

    Next, please.

  12. There are multiple articles in Dubuque’s Telegraph-Herald website about last night’s Jo Daviess County Lincoln Day Dinner, including video of a press conference Bobby had talking about the Farm Bill, where he perfectly parroted Bustos’ line about how it was good it passed because it brought “certainty”. He also said he would have voted for it but maybe offered a few amendments to tweak it. A real profile in courage.

    In another article, a reporter distills Bobby’s game plan for victory:

    “Emboldened by a non-presidential-election cycle, a slowly recovering economy and what he says is an unpopular health care law, Republican Bobby Schilling hopes to take back the U.S. House seat he lost in 2012.”

    Schilling evidently plans to take the Phil Hare passive approach by letting outside events do his work in order to defeat Bustos.

    Yeah, counting on demographics, the bad economy (which didn’t stop Obama from getting reelected) and a law Bustos had nothing to do with, is a sure plan for success! Bobby won’t have to lift a finger—outside events will do the heavy lifting!

    Yeah Bobby! Yeah Maggie DePoorter!

  13. I get that Bobby is vanilla. Bustos is vanilla with Durbin swirls. But Reyes is chocolate with chunks of controversy. Sure it’s delicious, but it’s bad for us to eat too much of that mess.

  14. This is why people hate politics and politicians—you are forced to choose between vanilla and vanilla with guano swirls.

    Is it any wonder so many just drop out of politics completely?

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