Try To Act Surprised

The Hill:

“The new healthcare law will cost the nation about 2.3 million jobs by 2021 and contribute to a $1 trillion increase in projected deficits, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said in a report released [today].

“The nonpartisan agency’s report found the healthcare law’s negative effects on the economy will be ‘substantially larger’ than what it had previously anticipated.”


Except to those of us who saw through the b.s. and lies from the beginning.

But whatever, what’s done is done. What I would like to see is some enterprising “journalist” approach Phil Hare for an interview. Hare famously said he read the Obamacare debacle THREE times, that he helped write it, that it would not add ONE DIME to the deficit, that it would create jobs, etc.

When he left office, after being beaten like a rented mule by Bobby Schilling, Hare remained defiant saying it was “shameful” if anyone suggested repealing Obamacare and that:

“I leave with a great sense of pride…and knowledge 32 million Americans now have access to health care.”

No mention of all those who LOST health care under Obamacare, but whatever.

After the sainted Lane Evans retired, went to a nursing home and was known to have dementia, the local newspapers both gave him fawning tributes and interviews—I believe the one in the D/A won some sort of award.

So why won’t the local press approach Hare for an interview about Obamacare: What Went Wrong?

Wouldn’t you LOVE to see what Hare had to say about Obamacare now that it is a reality and not just a leftwing fantasy?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “Try To Act Surprised”

  1. Obamascam is still being phased in. But indeed already it’s skyrocketing rates for the responsible, and cancelling millions of plans. People forced into the exchanges find them expensive with high deductibles, and their doctor and/or hospital may not be included. Obama/Hillary tell us to just eat the shit sandwich … we’ll learn to love it … trust them.

    They (illegally) extended the deadline for employer plans, which will kneecap another 100 million currently enrolled citizens. As with old Russia, there is always promise of a golden unicorn at the end of the next five year plan. But really it is just commies keeping their foot the neck of the commoners.

  2. Goodness sakes, do you guys just run with headlines and not really read the stories? All the media outlets, even the MSM, botched the report on this. Especially the conservative media, because anything that “remotely” looks bad about Obamacare, they will twist and skew. Here are the facts: “The Congressional Budget Office issued a report on Tuesday that said that as many as 2 million people could exit the workforce thanks to the Affordable Care Act. The reasons for this, the CBO said, were varied, but it stressed that the economy would see “a net decline in the amount of labor that workers choose to supply, rather than…a net drop in businesses’ demand for labor,” thanks to, for instance, people choosing to quit jobs they didn’t like but were only staying in because of their health care benefits. That’s not how a lot of media outlets reported the news, however. A lot of them said that the report was warning that Obamacare would kill over 2 million jobs—a notion at odd’s with the CBO’s conclusion that some workers would choose not to work.” THE TRUTH IS, OBAMACARE is working, and the more the Right tries to repeal it (cause they have no plan of their own), the more its going to bite them in the rear. Republicans also like the idea of slavery — after all, people being forced to stay in underpaid jobs they loathe, without opportunity or mobility just to keep their health insurance is good for business.

  3. Additionally – The CBO report found that Obamacare — through subsidizing health coverage – would reduce the amount of hours workers choose to work, to the equivalent of 2.5 million full-time workers over 10 years. This was widely spun by Republicans as a loss of 2.5 million jobs.

    To counter this, Van Hollen cited the report’s findings on Obamacare’s impact on labor demand, rather than supply. On page 124, the report estimates that the ACA will “boost overall demand for goods and services over the next few years because the people who will benefit from the expansion of Medicaid and from access to the exchange subsidies are predominantly in lower-income households and thus are likely to spend a considerable fraction of their additional resources on goods and services.” This, the report says, “will in turn boost demand for labor over the next few years.” — It really would help to actually review the facts, than just run with emotional responses.

  4. That’s a pretty good roundup of Democrat talking points pushing back on the CBO report, but you left out Pelosi’s famous quote that with Obamacare you can now quit your job and “pursue your happiness…follow your passion”, like becoming an artist instead of an accountant, like becoming a beach bum instead of an insurance salesman, and like living in your parent’s basement until they die so you can inherit their house!

    Pay no attention to those rightwing wackos and the CBO—Obamacare is a Win-Win for ALL!

    Why? Because Obama said so, and he wouldn’t lie to us, would he? 😀

  5. Hey Bustos is a DINO, if republicans like the idea of slavery so much, why was the party founded as an abilitionist party and why did we end slavery and amend the Constitution to prevent it from ever happening? Also, why did the Democrats fight all of the above each step of the way? (That includes literally fighting for the right to keep their slaves in the Civil War). I know, I know, the parties magically switched sides in the 60s. I wonder if that’s the same sort of magic that makes Bustos’s manufacturing triangle work?

    Oh, and if you’re gonna say Republicans don’t have their own plan to replace Obamacare it would help if you bothered to take 10 seconds to google that and see of it’s true. You might find the Republican Study Committe plan

    Where’s Bustos’s plan?…
    For ANYTHING???

  6. THE CBO said OBAMACARE WILL CREATE JOBS. The CBO is bipartisan. Listen, those who don’t have to work just for insurance more will get out of the job market, and those jobs will be filled with unemployed, qualified workers. Here’s how Kos put it: “That’s considering the increased buying power lower-income folks are going to have now that they don’t have to spend so much on health care. It’s not considering the jobs that will be opening up as people choose to leave them to pursue other opportunities. It’s not counting the potential jobs created by people leaving those jobs to start their own businesses. Even Republicans love those people, right? Republicans especially love those people, unless of course those people are foregoing the “dignity of work” to become moochers reliant on tax credits to help them pay for health insurance.
    Here’s the truth: Obamacare isn’t a jobs killer. It’s a jobs creator. The Republicans’ dirty little secret is that this is something they’ve known all along; it’s one of the reasons they’ve fought so hard to kill the law. It’s one of the reason so many Republican governors and legislatures have refused participate. Economic sabotage has been one of the GOP’s primary tactics against President Obama, and Obamacare opposition has been part and parcel of that.”

  7. Rejoice you have been liberated from working 40 hours a week. except most of the families I know need two people working 40 hours a week just to make ends meet under the leadership of Comrade Obama’s America. And now that his master plan of Obamacare has kicked on – the money that used to make ends meet is falling short. I can hardly wait for him to improve food production the way he has health coverage. USSR breadline here we come!

  8. Thanks for reminding me about The People’s Cube. I linked something from them a while back that was really clever and was going to add it to my blogroll but as usual, got distracted and forgot.

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