How Bad Is Illinois’ Long-Term Debt Problem?

Bad enough to get Democratic state lawmakers to do things the public sector unions don’t want them to do. That’s baaaaaaaad!

Geraghty seems to think this will be the Year Of The GOP in Illinois, but I’m not so sure. An electorate that would vote for Blago TWICE ain’t exactly the sharpest, also the Democrats have protected the taxpayers—so far, from the nasty business of actually funding this debt.

How long will that last? Who knows? But until the taxpayers feel some pain from the policies and union perks the Democrats have put in place over the last decade, I don’t really see a Republican Renaissance happening in Illinois.

But stranger things have happened there—and I hope they do!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “How Bad Is Illinois’ Long-Term Debt Problem?”

  1. My solution is simple, and ONLY requires that we root out the corrupt public union mob, and go to war against the Chicago Machine. We clone Eliot Ness, and go after the teacher unions and public official cabals, using the racketeering laws. Old cars and Tommy guns might also be needed, as part of an “untouchables” messaging campaign.

    There could hardly be a more direct quid pro quo than public union teachers paying union bosses, to bribe/control their flock of politicians. The politicians then defraud the public. This is crime in broad daylight.

    We put them all in Thomson prison, except give teachers an option to work off their term, teaching till they are 70 for half pay. But all their ill gotten pension gains are sacrificed.

    And all their commie core worthless continuing ed crap merits them no more special pay, especially since it was all theoretical high school level BS that never helped kids anyway.

    Budget crisis resolved. We just need catchy campaign buttons, and someone that can dodge bullets to run on that message. 🙂

  2. I sort of agree with Reeder on this. It looks to me that Illinois Democrats are doing what Democrats do—suppress all information that doesn’t march lockstep with their ideology.

    If the lobbyist Denny Jacobs can basically set up shop in his son’s senate office, it’s a little rich for Democrats to complain about Reeder and ban him from the press box.

    I hope Reeder wins, but considering the courts are packed with Democrat hacks like Kilbride, I wouldn’t be surprised if he lost.

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