Shake Your Money Maker

Bobby Schilling’s FEC Disclosure Form is out and the results are less than stellar: $122,046 for the quarter and $297,006 for the year.

Bustos has raised considerably more.

Schilling has said his fundraising goal is $2 million and if he intends to meet that goal he'll have to shake his money maker a lot harder than he has been so far.

It might help with grassroots funding if he had a more compelling message than "I'm Not Cheri Bustos, I'm The Pizza Guy With 10 Kids Who Hates Obamacare And Genocide".

Just a suggestion.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Shake Your Money Maker”

  1. He even has an “issues” section—sorta. Nothing as detailed as what Reyes had but at least it exists, even if it just serves up the usual vague bromides and talking points.

    Here are Schilling’s issues:

    1. Pro-life, shocking I know

    2. Rebuild middle class by repealing OCare, control spending, balance budget and audit the Fed, which is sorta Ron Paul radical. The rest, he had his chance while in congress to vote for these things, but he always voted for more spending.

    3. Repeal OCare and replace with free market reforms. Good luck with that as long as President LightWorker is in the WH.

    4. Pro-2nd Amendment.

    5. A rehash from his ’10 run, which is to allow vets to use any hospital in the country. Since he didn’t get ‘er done in ’11-’12, it is extremely unlikely it will happen if he’s elected in ’14—but it’s still a good idea.

    There’s also a blog on his website, but so far all that is onit is a video from ’12, which if it hadn’t been marked, I would have sworn was the same Getting To Know You video from ’10.

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