Crabs In A Bucket II

This ought to burnish the GOP reputation and image in Illinois:

Rutherford Claims Rauner Behind Attempted Blackmail.

Yes, nothing telegraphs unity against the common Democrat enemy like accusing someone in your party of “blackmail”.

Why wait for the Democrats or their allies in the press to dig up dirt so you can keep your hands clean when you can do the dirty work yourself and perhaps create headlines and maybe get another few bucks for your campaign? Why fight Democrats when you are in the same Establishment Party with Quinn, Brady and Dillard?

Can’t anyone here play the game? If you’re gonna charge your party political opponent with something inflammatory like “blackmail” you don’t want that ugliness sticking to you. If you’ve got the goods on him, give it to a “journalist” who hates your opponent as much as you do and let HIM do the down and dirty. Then you can take the high road and denounce this vile business with clean hands.


Is there any doubt why the GOP is a minority party in Illinois?

It’s because they like it that way.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

6 thoughts on “Crabs In A Bucket II”

  1. Rauner’s underhanded attack against trusted loyal Republicans like Kirk Dillard, Bill Brady and Dan Rutherford disgust me. Although I don’t always agree with the aforementioned Republicans, none have shown themselves to be as underhanded as Bruce Rauner. For a guy who’s not yet sitting in the public trough, Rauner’s already acts like a political pig. Oink, oink Bruce!!!

  2. I’m not running negative attack ads against Sen. Kirk Dillard and Bill Brady. Nor am I the one leaking “creepy sexual harassment charges” against Illinois state Treasurer Dan Rutherford. And I’m certainly not the CEO who paid Rod Blagojevich’s top political fixer (Stu Levin) $25,000 ar month to round up new business clients. No, that distinction belongs to solely to Republican Billionaire Bruce Rauner. Anyway you slice QCE – ELEPHANTS look like ASSES!

  3. Yeah, nobody ever ran “negative attack ads” against a primary opponent but Rauner. lol

    Also, it looks like the harassment charges against Rutherford might be valid and it also looks like they cannot be linked to Rauner, no matter how hard Rutherford might try to do so.

    Levin? Meh. Try again.

    However, we do agree on the sad and pathetic state of the Illinois GOP and all these latest charges are just more proof of how awful they are—selfish crabs in a bucket bringing down the entire party.

  4. It was Rauner that paid Stu Levin $25,000 per month to lobby on his behalf. It was Rauner who paid thousand and thousands of dollars to the Democrat’s attorney that leveled reckless personal charges against Republican state Treasurer Dan Rutherford. It was Republican Billionaire Bruce Rauner that made Rahm Emmanuel a multi-millionaire in a single day. Like you QC, I would love to see Bruce Rauner get his hands on tax dollars. The comic value alone would be priceless!

  5. Yeah, I’d rather have Quinn-Dillard-Rutherford-Brady get their hands on tax dollars so they can shovel even MORE to the unions, who in turn, will shovel that tax money back into Democrat campaign coffers.

    A nice little money laundering scam the public employee unions have with politicians. Politicians take tax money by force, then give it to unions in order to buy their votes, then once elected, shampoo, rinse, repeat.

    Which is why I’m glad I no longer live in Illinois and forced to finance this scam. Texas has public employee unions, but since it is a right to work state, the unions don’t have the power to hold taxpayers hostage to their relentless demands.

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