A Deserter From The War On Women

Ann Coulter:

“I am constantly telling Republicans, please go on the offense and stop playing defense…how about pointing out…[the] wonderful relations Democrats have with women. You have Bob Filner, sexual harassment; John Edwards, cheating on his cancer-stricken wife; Elliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner, and, of course, Bill Clinton; and Teddy Kennedy who has the only confirmed kill in the war on women.”

Award for the most seriously unserious speech about women’s rights and abortion goes to The State Of The Uterus Address which features a puppet in the (more or less) shape of a uterus with fallopian tubes, eyes and a mouth. Ewwwww!

Mostly the “speech” was about bashing the GOP, but when your vehicle for information looks like a bad imitation of Miss Piggy with a nose job, horns and collagen lip augmentation, it’s tough to take you seriously.

This is a massive embarrassment to my gender, and this sort of wacko stuff needs to go the way of the back alley abortions.


When it comes to abortion in the IL17thCD, it looks like the Battle Of The Extremists.

Rich Miller has a post based on a Schilling fundraiser email where he calls abortion genocide in a plea for $$$. Naturally Bustos got a hold of this email and sent out a fundraiser of her own asking for $$$ to stop Schilling’s “nonsense”.

I know the abortion industry is one of Bustos’ primary campaign contributers.

I know that Schilling is vehemently anti-abortion.

I’m in the squishy middle and so are a whole lot of other people. So I ask:

Why is abortion THE issue for Schilling? Did he stop abortion when he was in Congress? Did the GOP stop abortion during the six years they controlled Congress and the White House?

No, they did not and Schilling won’t stop abortion if he is elected in November.

I understand the need to whip up the Passion Of The Faithful—for both parties, but could Schilling at least address some issues that have wider appeal?

Abortion is one of the few Culture War issues the GOP is winning—a majority believe it should be curtailed beyond 20 weeks—so why the hell is Schilling taking the hard line when he could draw more people into the GOP camp? Ideology evidently trumps logic.

Too bad he wasn’t more hardcore on federal spending when he was in Congress because that affects everyone in the country, not just women.

Exit Question: Why didn’t Schilling stop genocide when he had the chance in ’11-’12?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

8 thoughts on “A Deserter From The War On Women”

  1. Schilling’s Mouthpiece to the rescue!

    After all the negative comments on CapFax about Schilling calling abortion “genocide”, the Mouthpiece gave a furious rowback to that inflammatory characterization.

    In an update to Miller’s post, The Mouthpiece says:

    “[Schilling] is steadfastly pro-life. He also supports the ‘exceptions’—rape, incest, and when the mother’s life is at risk.”

    Well, that’s a whole lot different than “genocide”, and the ‘exceptions’ are in the mainstream while “genocide” is not.

    This was really a stupid move—who the hell is running Schilling’s campaign? Bob Shrum? On what planet would such inflammatory language not be used against him? Who wrote the damned fundraising email? Maggie DePoorter?

    If this fundraising kerfuffle is any indication, it appears the Schilling campaign is a long way from “flawless”.

  2. Most people bickering about abortion would truly hate me. My philosophy is pretty much the same as my mothers; only in the case where the mothers life is in immediate danger.

  3. “You know, today, women make up about half our workforce, but they still make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns,” Obama said. “That is wrong, and in 2014, it’s an embarrassment. Women deserve equal pay for equal work.” – President Barack Obama

    Rather than launch ugly personal attacks against Democrats, Ann Coulter should openly endorse President Obama’s push for EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK. Do Republicans really think women should earn 33 cents less for every dollar a man earns?

    Ann Coulter may have had a point in 1955, but in the year 2014 she appears tone deaf.

  4. If Obama says it—it must be true!

    Walt, that 77 cents thing has been debunked over and over—time to expand your source of information beyond MSNBC so you can stop making a fool of yourself.

  5. I don’t remember the article but I remember some recent statistics stated while “overall” there was still discrepancy in wages – pay scale of hourly wages -which compromises much of the working public- were almost insignificant. It also talked of other reasons that included women’s choices that involved family decisions.

    My own personal take is that I would be surprise if there weren’t some differences in hourly wages. Many of the Big hourly wages are union driven by seniority that include old timers that have been working long before many women decided to enter into the manual labor market. I remember a job I had about ten year ago where one of the women that worked under my supervision actually made more hourly than I did because of her seniority status where I worked.

    And if you are talking commission a pay scale many companies have been exploring for years – you typically earn how much you are willing to be a slave for the company. It doesn’t matter whether you work 20 hours or 80 hours (I have done both) your earnings depend upon your ability to push product out the door. Speaking of commission earnings, A few years back, I used to hangout with a crowd of 20 some males. They were notorious for flirting with hairdressers just in order to get free hair styles. It worked very well for them not so well for the hairdressers. Since the hair dressers I have known work on a rent-your-chair work-for-tips situation – that can’t be good for the old wage earnings.

    I haven’t read much on the situation but my belief is that what really drives up wage discrepancies is the huge differences between the amount of women to men CEO’s. Corporation big wigs generally get paid embarrassing stacks of money that the average male or female can’t hope to acquire without the right connections.

    Just my observations of a lifetime working for the man.

  6. I’m convinced Maggie DePoorter is running Schilling’s campaign.

    Today Schilling put up a petition on his Facebook page urging his supporters to sign in order to Tell Cheri Bustos No Taxpayer Funded Abortions. Unfortunately for Schilling, the House passed The No Funding For Abortions Act on the 28th by a vote of 227-188. Of course Bustos voted against it, but so what since it is unlikely to go anywhere in the Senate with Reid in charge, and Obama has already promised to veto it, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

    Sending Schilling Congress won’t SAVE THE BABIES! He would likely be more effective by just bombing abortion clinics.

    But please—putting up a petition on an issue two days AFTER the vote is taken? LOL

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