Just Like The Moonies, But Better Dressed

Nothing telegraphs being seriously unserious about marriage like being one of 34 couples married by Queen Latifah in a mass ceremony during the Grammy awards.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “Just Like The Moonies, But Better Dressed”

  1. A local lady from Muscatine who is a graduate of St. Ambrose was in on the Mass Moonie Wedding—er, I mean the Mass Equality Wedding, according to QCOnline.

  2. I have been toying with the idea of doing another marriage post but my wheels keep spinning due to personal/business obligations as well as playing pinball at the various Dr’s offices. I don’t know why I want to blog on it, except I know it causes unhingement among both the pro & con factions of homosexual marriage. And I have always enjoyed pi$$ing people off as a hobby. I think the following link is a good example of where the country should be heading towards government sticking their noses into marriages. That said there can be little doubt, now that Pandoras Box has been opened, you can expect a wave of don’t deny my true love proclamations including such taboo subjects as; pedophilia based marriages (it once was common), incestual relationships, bestiality practitioners, etc… Is there such a thing a vegan relationship? Can vegetables truly be sensual. If so we have finally opened the door for “Animal House” humor to become reality.


  3. Like you, I have been yammering for years about the marriage thing all over the intertubes. In the past my position has been to adopt the European model which requires everyone to get a license with the government and if you want a religious ceremony as well, check with your pastor, priest, rabbi, etc. I figured this would be workable for all and calm down some of the hysteria—both on the left and right about same sex marriage.

    Now, I’m not so sure. I’m thinking more like the OK guy; maybe just make marriage a contract like any other; you can have as many people on the contract as you like and it is still a legal document with all that means.

    Once the door is kicked in on defining marriage as one man and one woman, there is absolutely no legal reason to deny anyone the right to “marry”. I suppose minors would be protected since they cannot legally sign a contract until they are 18, but I imagine at some point this will be lowered for the “special exception” of marriage, just abortion is allowed on a minor without parental permission.

    I’m just sorta hoping that by that time, I’ll either be dead or demented. 😀

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