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From President LightWorker in support of abortion on demand “celebrating” the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade:

“…we resolve to…continue to build safe and healthy communities for all our children…Because this is a country where everyone deserves the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams…”

Um, well not “for all our children” and not for “everyone”.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

8 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day”

  1. I think you might be confusing the aborted with the brain dead—how else to explain two terms for Blago and Hare?

  2. Here’s a website with lots of photos taken during yesterday’s Right To Life March.

    Proving there is a real shift in the GOP toward right-to-life this year, the RNC Chair delayed the start of the annual winter meeting so that the many members who wanted to attend the march could be accommodated—he also provided a bus to shuttle the marchers to and from the rally. This is a first—usually the GOP tries to bury or ignore the pro-lifers in the party, but with public opinion moving in their direction (60% think abortion is morally wrong), it seems to be the right time to promote the one Culture War issue the GOP can win.

    Of course, this won’t stop the Democrats and their inane War On Women bit, since it was so effective during the last election, and it is certain they will double down on this idiocy. Which is fine, I suppose, as long as the GOP candidates are smart about this subject. Here’s a guide how to make pro-abortion extremists play defense on this issue. This seems tailor made for the Bustos v. Schilling matchup, since much of Bustos’ funding comes from—pro-abortion extremists.

  3. Too often pro life supporters rely too heavily on religious reasons to oppose abortion. To offer positive arguments against abortion an individual needs to appeal to science and legalities. The prolife groups need to hold most of their arguments in those categories. You can bet your last dollar that at any prolife demonstration – the abortion proponents will be looking for those using religion to bolster the prolife arguments in order to paint the movement as overly religious zealotry.

  4. That’s a brilliant argument by Hume and should be taken to heart—and mind by every GOP candidate.

    The left always self-righteously proclaims they are pro-science—until it conflicts with their ideology, then science is quickly given the heave-ho.

    Hume provides a framework for pro-life forces to win the debate—and lives.

  5. Here’s a very interesting article by Andrew Klavan about how until recently he was pro-abortion because of his staunch libertarian beliefs but flipped to pro-life after years of debates with pro-choicers and finally realizing logic and moral truth were on the side of pro-lifers.

    Here’s a juicy quote:

    “During elections, our corrupt leftist journalists routinely play Gotcha with pro-life candidates by asking if they favor abortion in cases of rape and incest. But they never ask “pro-choice” candidates if they favor abortion where the mother wants a boy instead of a girl or a Sagittarius instead of a Virgo or, if it should become possible to determine, a straight son instead of a gay one. Those are all legal reasons for abortion now. Should they be? If not, why not?”

  6. Seems to me that putting “no exception for rape” in the platform is a political loser, and designed only to appease some of the harder right that feel a certain pride in being so hard line.

    The more practical approach is to contest the left’s praise of late term abortion, and maybe advocate moving the date back to 20 weeks, or maybe even earlier. Abortion Barbie (Wendy Davis) was all about the right to kill past 20 weeks. People are moving toward “pro life” based on science showing feelings of the 20 week fetus, NOT because they support “no exception for rape from day one”.

    To me, the fight to stop abortion at even week one is purely religious. People like the nuns should not be forced to fund ANY abortion, but trying to force others to carry to term a possibly fertilized egg (from rape or any other case) is a sure political loser. Yet to placate that hyper religious it gets included in the platform.

    I’m still pissed Huckabee’s candidate sacrificed the Missouri senate seat, while Palin’s could have won. Now Huckabee is cleverly talking of women’s libido problems. He does this crap to get attention for his little flock, regardless of how it damages other Republicans.

    There is so much leftist support on the internet for little animals and pets, it should not be a large leap to get them to see small humans also need protection. But it should not be “life or death”, it should be centered on saving the small life from the later term abortionists like Gosnell.

  7. Exactly right and this is why the GOP drives me batpoop crazy on this issue. The ONE Culture War issue the GOP is winning is abortion—Gen Xers and Yers are among the most anti-abortion, yet as you mention, the GOP establishment keeps saying incredibly dumb stuff about this.

    I think Klavan is on to something too—make the pro-abortion crowd say if they approve of abortion for sex selection or if it becomes known the baby will be gay, fat, stupid, Republican, etc.

    Make them own it and for gawds sake stop the sniveling and the inane comments that make the Dems and their allies in the press shout with glee.

    As Rand Paul said yesterday (maybe paraphrasing, didn’t look it up): I never talk about anatomy unless I’m at a medical conference.

    More Rand please and less Huck.

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