The Paul Tsongas Memorial Pander Bear Award 1/20/14

…goes to Kirk Dillard for this inane proposition:

“GOP candidate for Governor, Kirk Dillard today [January 20] called for the Illinois gas tax to be cut, claiming it would provide almost half a billion dollars of relief to the state’s motorists. Dillard’s proposal, which he says includes a bond provision, would provide almost a billion for failing roads and bridges…’It’s no surprise that Illinois got a D+ on its latest infrastructure report card’.”

Read the whole thing, but even a Math Moron like me can tell this ain’t gonna fly:

1. A Democrat controlled legislature that would actually reduce ANY tax?

2. How about an audit of where the current gas tax money goes—cronies or to roads and bridges?

I get that Dillard is in a bad place, but this sort of pandering won’t get him elected or solve the massive deficit problems Illinois faces.

Will any one of the gubernatorial candidates get on The Straight Talk Express and tell the truth—that Illinois politicians have dug a hole so deep only more taxes and more cuts will bring it to solvency?

Oh wait—never mind—this is Illinois, what was I thinking?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “The Paul Tsongas Memorial Pander Bear Award 1/20/14”

  1. At least Sen. Dillard has a cohesive thought. The rest of the candidates on the Republican ticket for Illinois Governor appear brain-dead! Rutherford made a mess of Illinois fiances, Brady already got beat by Quinn and Ruaner is too close to Rahm for my taste.

  2. Bond rating goes up, interest rates go down, market for borrowing is better–I haven’t seen the math but the logic is there.

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