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From LincolnLounger:

“Rock Island Republicans. It’s like two bald men fighting over a comb. They’d rather run people out and maintain control rather than expand the party and win. Classic.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

22 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day”

  1. Rich Morthland was a perfect example of this. He was always know to be the opposite of a team player.

    The unfortunate part is he could have won in 2012 if had just been a team player. He could have used all the resources that everybody else was sharing and working together to use.

  2. I am a firm believer that real growth comes from chaos and dissension . That said there comes a survival moment when one of the combatants has to be the class act and pick another battle at another time and place. Adults could do well to learn from the lessons we teach children:

  3. Time to let ‘er go Roger—it’s a moot point now. It’s my understanding that Rich has retired from public life—at least the elected sort, so no point beating a horse that’s out to pasture.

    Now it’s up to Wozniak to wrestle the 71st away from the Dems.


    So true, S.

  4. So are you gonna do a post on the wife beater that you supported in the primary over Bobby “Pizza Guy with 10 Kids” Schilling?

    You should apologize. Seriously. You said horrible things about Bobby and his wife and children. All because you went at the word of [deleted].

    [deleted], who isn’t welcome at the Schillings house anymore for joking about getting blowjobs from their, at the time, 13 year old sister Isabel.

    [deleted], who isn’t friends with Terry anymore, because he started the group “Republicans for Bustos” because Bobby didn’t endorse him in the primary.

    [deleted], who told you to support Reyes and that the claims about Reyes raping a young college girl weren’t true. I believe you responded to those claims with something along the lines of “girls lie all the time about being raped” how compassionate of you! If you’re the new face of the libertarian right, how can they not win! That’s worse than Todd Akin’s comments.

    Long story short: you trusted a perverted sociopath and you ended up endorsing a wife-beating, rapist, liar.

    Have you learned your lesson?

  5. At this point, what difference does it make? His political career is over and this charge won’t do much to enhance his budding legal career, either.

    I just hope the lady is OK.

  6. You’re horrible QCE. How come you didn’t wish the girl that he raped was okay? She was a liar, according to you.

    You’re a horrible person.

  7. Told you so…

    Looks like Reyes was released without being charged with anything. Baseless accusations??

    Apparently in your neck of the woods being arrested automatically equals guilt. Interesting. Thank God our Constitution disagrees with you.

    Out of curiosity, why are you even still talking about Reyes? Didn’t he drop out and say he wants to be a team player and help Republicans, including O’Bobby get elected? Is the GOP really “too good” for his help?

  8. Without charges just means that the battered girlfriend didn’t have the guts to press charges.

    You lucked out Eric.

    Too bad. Now you will get to do this type of harm to other women.

  9. LV, you wonder why the Shillsters are still talking about Reyes? If you go up the thread you’ll see they’re still trashing Morthland and he’s been out of politics for years.

    They are haters who get their energy from feeding the hate.

    Sad, but that’s what they do, that’s who they are.


    LV and FQCEF, this saga along with the alleged rape the Schillings are banging on about, is a post in itself.

    The supposed rape victim waited months before reporting it. With no evidence obviously no charges could be filed.

    As for the Reyes business, it is my understanding the victim is a girlfriend of long standing and whose kids call Reyes daddy and not just some bimbo he picked up in The District. She dropped charges. Will she go back with him? If so, she’ll have the same credibility as the rape victim who forgot to report it for months.

    There has been a ton of research on rape and abuse, there is also a ton of services for those who have been victimized. Unfortunately some game the system for revenge or to get attention, etc. Some lady got 5 years in prison for a false charge of rape—and it wasn’t her first time, either.

    Feminism has been the law of the land for decades, yet for some reason at least some women continue to feel victimized—while others ARE victimized.

    I feel a rant coming on so I’ll just leave it at that.

    For now. 🙂

  10. After thinking about this some more I realized the issue was too complex and would require more work than I wanted to do in my Golden Years.

    So instead, I offer this personal observation:

    I had always worked full time until my son was born, so I knew nothing about daytime tv. However, afterward I became addicted to daytime talk shows—I hope you’ll forgive me gentle readers, but this was 25 years ago; the era of Donahue, Sally Jessy Raphael, Oprah, etc.

    At some point the sameness of it all bored me and I stopped watching, but not until I gleaned these truths from all that blather and bloviation:

    When a female guest was on that did something incredibly stupid, the host would always ask “Why did you do it?” and the answer was invariably “Because I loooove him!”

    When a male guest did something incredibly stupid and the host asked him “Why did you do it?”, invariably the answer would be “Because I was drunk/on drugs.”

    That was 25 years ago and I suppose it is a mark of progress that today it is as likely for a woman to do something stupid while drunk/drugged as a man.

    So this is my last word on the Reyes/rape/domestic abuse business:

    There ain’t no victims here, just volunteers.

  11. Cheri Bustos you might want to see this post. Move out of the way Eric Reyes and let Cheri Bustos show you how a real beating is done.

  12. Rock Island County would make a great daytime soap.

    “Days of Wallace’s Life”
    “The Old and The Restless”
    “All of Schilling’s Children”
    “As The World Turns: Democrats Still Win”


  13. It’s too bad that Days of Wallace’s Life has been cancelled. That was always a good drama to watch

  14. The word on the street is that since the Schillings hated Days of Wallace’s Life so much, Bobby used his political clout to get it cancelled and have it replaced with “The Schillings: The New Walton Family”.

    Or maybe it was “The Schillings: The 21st Century Corleone Family”.

    I can’t remember which now.

  15. Sorry, that’s a little too obscure for my linear brain.

    Care to elaborate?

    ….um, probably not! 🙂

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