Heard It Through The Grapevine…

…that at last night’s RICOGOP Central Committee meeting Jeff McKinley dropped out of the race for 71st District citing family issues and commitments. He then endorsed Jim Wozniak.

With McKinley and Reyes out, this means Rauner is the only interesting “change” candidate left running in the ILGOP and Big Labor has vowed to defeat him.

It also means that in Rock Island County, status quo rules, which is a really good thing since the status quo has worked so well for Rock Island County and Illinois Republicans and their party.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “Heard It Through The Grapevine…”

  1. Didn’t all of Schilling’s mouthpieces run McKinley’s campaign? Doesn’t Schilling control RI County?

    How did he allow for Wozniak to strong arm McKinley into dropping out?

    WHAT A HOOT!!!

    Ed. Note: I guess this kills any future political ambitions for “Schilling’s mouthpiece”, eh? The Mouthpiece’s boss runs the show yet the best the Mouthpiece could muster was Epic Fail. Sad, really.

  2. Well maybe, but considering the state of the RICOGOP, I’ll take “status quo in fabulous wrapping paper” over just status quo because at least the “wrapping paper” is fabulous rather than plain brown wrapper. 🙂

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