Tweet Of The Day

From my Attorney General Greg Abbott about Obama designating San Antonio as one of his first five economic “Promise Zone”:

“We already have a #PromiseZone. It’s called Texas.”

So true. I live between San Antonio and Austin and this area is booming—it won’t be long before Austin and SA will just be one massive metropolis. Part of this is due to business friendly policies of Rick Perry and GOP controlled legislature, but San Antonio is especially blessed because the massive Eagle Ford shale fields are nearby.

Since there really is no need for economic stimulus here, speculation is that this Obama “Promise Zone” business is all about puffing up SA’s Democrat Castro brothers for the national political stage. Texas already has several prominent Hispanic GOP officials; it is the Dems who are lagging here in that demographic.

And speaking of prominent Hispanic GOP officials, here’s a bonus tweet from my US Senator:

“People need jobs. All of America needs to be a real “Promise Zone”.

Obama needs to pay more attention to his home state of Illinois which is projected to be dead last (50th) in job growth this year; Texas is #3.


Author: qcexaminer

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