So What Is McKinley—Chopped Liver?

GOP candidate for Illinois 71st District Jim Wozniak has announced that all five Rock Island County Board members have endorsed him.

Is this really wise? I understand that Jeff McKinley lives in Henry County, but should elected officials really be picking winners and losers in contested primary races? I’m thinking the GOP establishment picked Dewhurst over Cruz, Crist over Rubio, etc. and what happened? Is this really necessary? Is it really helpful?

Everyone knows I don’t have a dog in this hunt, but I have been a fan of Jeff McKinley for some time—mostly because I thought he was more interesting.

I don’t have anything against Wozniak, but I think it is bad form for elected officials to bigfoot it in the primary. My view has always been let the people decide.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “So What Is McKinley—Chopped Liver?”

  1. Country club politics. Pure and simple. And probably a tinge of anti-gay, which is a little funny considering one of those five members is…well, gay.

  2. In my view the difference is between those who now hold public office vs. those who did but don’t now. I know Sieben is a popular figure, especially in Henry County, but he no longer holds office, so can no longer use the political muscle that current office holders can. Not that I think the pathetic 5 GOPers on the 25 member RICO Board have much muscle.

    As for Schilling; I knew his Mouthpiece was running McKinley’s campaign (and I don’t hold that against McKinley) but how much clout does Schilling have? By his own words he did everything he could to get Neil Anderson elected to the 72nd—and how did that work out? 😀

    Either way, I hope McKinley prevails—if for no other reason that it would make Democrat heads explode.

    Shallow, I know.

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