Judge Not That Ye Be Not Judged

In a Letter to the Editor at the Dispatch-Democrat that should have never been written, let alone sent, Ken Moffett goes on a tirade against The Other claiming that politicians are “groveling to the homosexual lobby for votes” even though “homosexuality is still a sin” and he has the Bible verses to prove it!

Normally I don’t have a problem with people who accept the Bible as the literal truth, even though that isn’t my view. But what I do have a problem with is people like Moffett who play god and claim they can see in a person’s heart, mind and soul and deem them “groveling to the homosexual lobby for votes”. How could Moffett possibly know this if he isn’t God?

I know Ken Moffett was an important figure in Bobby Schilling’s ’10 campaign and in his short tenure as congressman; I don’t know if he is still with Schilling or not. But either way, the GOP cannot hope to win hearts and minds with this sort of extreme fundamentalist rhetoric. The GOP should be open to people of faith but not of hate.

Ye gods people—don’t you know that your GOP candidate for 71st IL District is openly gay? What are the Ken Moffetts of the RICO GOP saying to McKinley and those like him?

The RICO GOP: Fire! Aim! Ready!

Get a clue morons.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

15 thoughts on “Judge Not That Ye Be Not Judged”

  1. More than a few people cringed at that letter. Wow. I’m shocked the D/A even published it.

    I wouldn’t say this is representative of the RICO GOP or any local campaigns.

  2. Well OK, I’m with you there, but is Moffett still part of Schilling’s campaign and a member of the RICO GOP?

    If so—good luck scraping that poop off the GOP shoes!

  3. Listen up Bill Albracht and Mike Stephen, if this is a member of the organization, now’s your chance for an appropriate use of a censure.

  4. Wario, it might be true that Moffett has never been on staff of any Schilling’s campaigns (which I doubt) but he has been a constituent services representative for Rep. Bobby Schilling according to Sunlight Foundation which shows that one Moffett, Kenneth was a Constituent Services Representative for said Bobby “Pizza Guy With 10 Kids” Schilling.

    Why do you people lie when you know those intertubes thingees are out there just waiting to call bullsh*t on you?

  5. What did I lie about? I said Moffett never was on staff of a Schilling campaign, which was 100% true.

    Ed. Note: comment edited

  6. Oh, I guess you’re right—it’s OK for Moffett to be a “constituent services representative” for Bobby Schilling when he was in congress as long as he was “never on staff of a Schilling campaign”.

    Got it.


  7. Great post, QCE. It makes one wonder, if I was a gay veteran and Ken Moffet was in constituent services, I wonder if I would get any help from him, let alone request help in the first place.

  8. After doing some googling, my memory was jogged about Moffett’s connection to Schilling’s campaign. From a story in Galesburg’s Register-Mail from June 27, 2010:

    “On a more recent occasion, Hare was stopped by Ken Moffett, president of Veterans for Schilling, and told him he was a ‘draft dodger’ and not a veteran…Schilling’s campaign distanced themselves from Moffett.”

    But even though Moffett was a proven bomb-thrower, Schilling still put him on staff after he won election, but whatever. So technically, I suppose you could say, as Wario claims, that Moffet was never on staff of a Schilling campaign, but we’re getting into Clinton territory with depends on what the meaning of is, is.


    But what is Moffett’s current status with Schilling? With the RICO GOP?


    Thanks not, and you are correct; having Moffett on staff would be problematic, to say the least.

    The GOP is going to have to evolve or die. Love him or hate him—or in between him, in my view Eric Reyes is the future of the GOP as a constitutional libertarian. He supports ssm as a constitutional issue, citing the 14th Amendment: No state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

    This T. Jefferson quote also works for me:
    It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are 20 gods or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.

    As long as the GOP is seen as the Party Of Intolerance, it will not grow; there is an increasingly strong libertarian streak forming in the electorate, probably thanks to Obama’s Big Government overreach, and the GOP ought to jump on board before the train leaves the station.

  9. Moffit’s letter was sweet music to Rock Island County Democrat Chairman Doug House’s ears. I wonder if Tea Party Congressman Bobby Schilling’s constituent manager olans tol for deportation of Hispanics and/or establishment of Jim Crow Laws?

    Ed. Note: Has it even been established that Moffett is associated with Schilling in any way or is it just another case of guilt by past association? Is he active in the RICO GOP? I dunno. Would somebody please clarify this for me? Also Walt, what the hell does “olans tol” mean?

  10. I worked with Moffit on a handful of constituent/veteran’s issues and I can vouch he was a class act professionally. Sounds like he didn’t write the letter on behalf of any organization, so we can chock this up to “neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.”

  11. Arf Arf…

    Moffitt has nothing to do with Schilling anymore. I heard he’s got his own job in the private sector.

    Ed. Note: comment edited

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