Damning With Faint Praise

In one of those Letters To The Editor at the Dispatch-Democrat that could have been produced by a robot letter generator titled Vote For Bobby Schilling, He’s Not A Typical Politician, the writer goes into classic Tom Friedman mode, but instead of some cab driver delivering awesome insight into globalization, this guy is retired and talks to people in coffee shops, grocery stores, porn shops, etc. and the consensus is:

“politicians are out of touch and ineffective”

Well, do tell.

But hark—here comes The Parade ‘O’ Clichés! Bobby Schilling is “different” because he’s a guy who is in it to help people, he focused on constituents (who then tossed him out for Bustos), he listens, and he’s “one of us”, which echoes the Obama campaign against Romney that said Romney isn’t one of us.


Trite and banal—is that all the Bobby worshipers got? I’ll bet he’s good to his mother and loves apple pie and his children, too. Jeez!

My question is, if Bobby Schilling was so damned wonderful why did he lose in ’12?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

6 thoughts on “Damning With Faint Praise”

  1. Anybody with political awareness knows that Schock and Kinzinger are in districts the Dems conceded to them in redistricting.

    People like Dold, Schilling, Plummer, and Walsh all had polling that was off by about 10% or more due to the Obama turnout.

    Rodney Davis was up by 12% a month before the election according to polling and won by less than 1%.

    Ed. Note: comment edited

    Is it really necessary for you to belittle and insult in order to make your case? Or is it just a bad habit? Or are you a Dem whose brain has atrophied and can do nothing else?

  2. Does Liberty Voter really have to belittle and insult me by acting like Schock and Kinzinger had real races? That itself is insulting right there.

    Ed. Note: I think you’re stretching the meaning of “insulting”; after all, we can’t all be as smart, clever, savvy and insidery (insiderie?) as you.

  3. Well as I’ve said. If he would use his brain he would know Kinzinger didn’t even have a general election opponent.

  4. Well, actually they both had opponents, they were patsies like Schilling was supposed to be before Hare handed him the election (the only reason Schilling won).

    I wasn’t talking about vote percentage though. I was talking about actual number of votes. Obviously with the Obama factor in effect and no “real opponent” to worry about the GOP candidate’s vote totals shouldn’t be all that impressive.

    Now, Kinzinger’s district is heavily republican biased, so getting 181,789 votes isn’t all THAT impressive, even if it was 28,270 votes more than Schilling’s paltry 153,519.

    But then there’s Schock, who’s district is more like our own 17th. Everyone knew he would win. He had no real opponent. Obama factor in full effect… Schock’s 244,465 votes is just a bit more than 153,519, wouldn’t you agree?

    Like I said. That’s more than any congressman got IN THE COUNTRY. Schilling, Schock, and Kinzinger are all establishment Boehner republicans with similar dem-lite records.

    The bottom line is, Schilling can only win when HE has no “real opponent”. Hare was a lay-down and Reyes probably only helped Schilling by putting a bit of fire in his base. But when he faced a disciplined opponent who knew how to just shut up and follow orders he was used to mop the floor. Now she’s the incumbent and the entire new district knows her…

    Bustos by 6-8% in 2014 is what “anyone with a brain and/or political awareness” sees in our near future.

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