Code Talker

An email from the RICO GOP Chair to The Faithful, with a reprise of The Sermon On The Mount, includes this exhortation:

“We are all in the RICO GOP sandbox, and must learn how to get along with one another. Let’s move forward in this NEW YEAR and pledge to work together to elect a confident County Clerk, an ethical 17th Congressional District Congressman, a servant of the people for the 36th Senate District for the State of IL, and a pro-business representative from the 71st District of IL.”


Is Kim Lazenby, McKinney’s GOP opponent really confident? How do we know?

This email was written before Reyes dropped out, but how could Schilling possibly be deemed “ethical”? At least “servant of the people” in the 36th makes sense, since Anderson is a firefighter, but what does “a pro-business representative from the 71st District of IL” mean? Aren’t they both with the RICO State’s Attorney office?

Rather than all this code talking, why doesn’t the RICOGOP Chair just channel Phil Hare and say they should elect candidates who can beat the tar out of the Democrats?

Not just the RICO GOP, but the entire GOP needs more Lee Atwater and less Billy Graham.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Code Talker”

  1. How come you haven’t gotten upset in the past when other RICO GOP’ers have sent out emails just like this?

    Ed. Note: comment edited

    I know this may shock you but I am not on the RICO GOP’s mailing list—I depend on the kindness of strangers to forward me these little gems. And who says I’m “upset”? I think it’s hilarious that the RICO GOP thinks it can defeat the Democrat Attack Machine by preaching The Sermon On the Mount, which is a good way to stay a minority party! Don’t fight fire with fire—fight fire with sermons! Yeah, the RICO GOP wants to kill the Democrats—with kindness. RICO Dems play hardball; RICO GOP plays T-Ball. 😀

  2. “…must learn how to get along with one another. ”

    LOL what a load of bullpuckey! Don’t get me wrong I would love a world of peace and harmony especially among politicians of all denominations. Well maybe not. Politics is all about conflict. When everyone agrees – you end up with stagnation and decay. Better to have a bloody fist fight and air out all the grievances than let the disputes fester until you can’t reach an agreement without deathblows.

  3. I don’t disagree with you-the RICO GOP definitely plays T-Ball. But that’s more of an issue of the rank and file than Mr. Steffen. I think Steffen might sermonize a bit too much, as you say, but he’s done a great job at increasing attendance and trying to build up the party. Unfortunately too many people are trying to take it down from the inside.

    The RICO GOP is feckless because it’s a country club that mostly consists of do-nothings. There are some solid folks in there, but they are the ones who actually join campaigns and volunteer their time. Most simply don’t.

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