Quick! Look Over There! Springfield!

From a press release from the Eric Reyes campaign announcing he has withdrawn as a Republican candidate for 17thCD leaving the field clear for Bobby “Pizza Guy With 10 Kids” Schilling:

“The fact is, as bad as the situation in Washington is, the situation here at home is even worse. We live in a state that is taxing itself out of competition for businesses. We have a budget and pension system that was recently ‘reformed’ by kicking the can down the road for the umpteenth time and hoping things will just magically get better. We also still live in the state with the most restrictive gun laws that infringe upon law abiding citizens’ Constitutional rights and that have allowed increasing crime to continue to plague our society. I have no intention of standing by and watching our great state go the way of Detroit…”

Reyes For Illinois 72nd District!

Or something. Whatever.



Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

18 thoughts on “Quick! Look Over There! Springfield!”

  1. Would this be his third or fourth campaign? If you count all the different party affiliations/offices?

    At what point do we ask Reyes “what are you accomplishing exactly?”

    I’m sure he’ll make a great trophy loser for Pat Verschoore to add to his collection.

  2. I’m really bummed out. I mean he had a picture of all those signature sheets. Those alone should have been enough!

    I hope he runs for the 72nd….we could use a true patriot like Erik

  3. Is the gloating really necessary? You won, as President LightWorker so charmingly phrased it.

    But still, was there a quid pro quo from Bobby “Pizza Guy With 10 Kids” Schilling? I guess he won’t have to worry about the inconvenient truth suddenly being exposed that he voted to fund Obamacare and Planned Parenthood, eh?

  4. Nothing like a good football spike to finish off the final touchdown of 2013!


  5. Puke…

    I don’t know if I can hold my nose firmly enough to cast my vote for Schilling. Especially with the kind of representation he’s had on here.

    Lesser of two evils, etc. etc…

    As far as the 72nd district goes, that’s not really up to him. The party would have to pick him and considering Schilling runs the party right now, what are the chances of that happening? I mean, why would the RI GOP appoint a young Hispanic nominee when they can just not run anyone instead?

    Also, just because somebody says they want to focus on local issues doesn’t mean they plan to run for local office. Plenty of people are concerned about the things he listed and they’re not running for office. They’re just helping with campaigns. It’s not like he’s likely to be helping with federal issue oriented campaigns this cycle.

    Honestly, if there had been a quid pro quo, don’t you think he’d have at least mentioned Schilling in that statement? Isn’t that how it usually works? The guy dropping out kisses the butt of the guy who just kicked his but and gets something in exchange for it? I didn’t see any butt kissing in that statement.

    Man this sucks…

  6. Hang in there, LV. It’s not all bad. You can try your hand again in 2016. Maybe get more signatures next time? Maybe raise some money? Maybe pick someone/be someone a bit more credible?

  7. Eric Reyes has never gotten enough signatures.

    He did not get enough as a Democrat and had to get out if the race and run as an independent where guess what couldn’t get enough signatures.

    He didn’t get enough as a Republican and had to get out of the race

    This is the guy that can’t do the work so I wonder what Bobby promised him.

    I know a free ride against Pat Verschoore where he will not be required to obtain signatures because the Republicans will nominate him because they could not afford a silly primary.

    Reyes will do whatever it takes to get trounced in an election.

    It must be good for his lawyering business to continue looking ridiculous.

    Ed. Note: It could be that Bobby made no promises, but made threats. Last summer there was an email circulating from the Schilling camp claiming there was a police report existing concerning Reyes.

    If something like that became public—even if false—which I believe it is, it would be more damaging than not getting enough signatures on petitions.

  8. You Schills make no sense sometimes.

    Gg, the only thing that made any sense in your last comment was when you mentioned 2016 as if you were acknowledging the seat would be open for another republican to run that year since we’ll have an incumbent democrat in office still.

    Julie, I just wonder if you ever get tired of repeating the same lies over and over again.

    PPP, I doubt Reyes feels the need to explain anything since he’s not running anymore. I received an email from him with more of an explanation because I was a supporter, but I assume if he wanted to say more than he already said to the press he’d have done so by now.

    By all means though Schills, please keep up this display, it’s doing wonders for the party.

    Ed. Note: LV if you think what has shown up in comments here from the Shillsters is bad, you should see the stuff that didn’t make the cut and ended up in the trash. Faced with a choice between Bustos and Schilling, I would have to opt out; I couldn’t vote for a Dem, but what I have learned about the Schillings since I resumed blogging has convinced me he is not worthy of high office. The level of dishonesty and complete lack of integrity he and his team routinely display makes him unfit for ANY public office.

    And hey, what about MY email from Eric? I’ve been the subject of abuse and threats from the Schillites since summer. I would also appreciate a more detailed explanation.

  9. I’m not connected to Schilling at all….

    I just know the truth about Reyes and all the shenanigans his “handlers” cause in the RICO GOP.

    As the rap song goes LV…”If at first you don’t succeed…dust yourself off and try again” !!

    Reyes for 72nd! Write in Campaign!

    Ed. Note: Not Connected is lying when he says he is “not connected to Schilling at all”. He’s about as connected as you can get without sharing Bobby’s DNA. Cut the crap please Shillsters.

  10. LV, just keep up the losing and I’ll keep up the trolling. We gotta do what we’re good at. You are on pace to set all sorts of records in failure and disappointment. I am on pace to FOOTBALL SPIKE!!!!!!!!!! TOUCHDOWN SCHILLING!!! GET AT ME!!!

    Ed. Note: You don’t have to have the emotional and mental maturity of a 12 year old boy to support Bobby Schilling—but it helps! This is the last of these tiresome and childish comments from the Schillsters I’ll allow—enough with the moronic comments already—grow up.

  11. The Tribe Has Spoken…

    Will QCE survive now that there is no Erik Reyes platform? Oh wait…there is always the bash Schilling platform.

    Ed. Note: Bash Schilling Platform? You must be joking—who could possibly find fault with The Pizza Guy With 10 Kids ™? Bobby Schilling is my new bff—what thinking person could possibly hate a politician who repeatedly lies about them for political gain—and because he can? Ya gotta love a politician who follows the advice of Hitler and Hare: If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.

  12. Reyes would not have to be a write in for the 72nd.

    The party can appoint him and then we can at least have a full slate of candidates.

    Ed. Note: Well yeah, “the party can’, but do you think they will?

  13. Goebbels never said that either. He did speak of the English people and talk about when lying, one should lie big. However the context is different.

    Ed. Note: comment edited

  14. Looks like the Shillsters chased off thetruthaboutbobby.com too.
    Bummer. That was really a good resource—except for misnaming the HR179 thing. 🙂

    Ed. Note: After checking around I discovered it wasn’t the Schillites who shut down thetruthaboutbobby.com. My sincere apologies for blaming the logical—but in this case incorrect party

  15. It has been years since I have interacted with Reyes. Still for all my personal misgivings on his past I would have chosen him over Schilling simply because as I felt he offered the best hope among all candidates for real change in the QC. Too bad he dropped but if you are going to play modern politics you gotta build a ground level political machine. I don’t think he has managed to do that.

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