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How To Talk About Abortion—If You Must

In an interview with leftwinger Chuck Todd on MSNBC, RNC Chair Reince Priebus showed the way on how to talk about abortion with hostile forces:

1. Affirm the right to life—don’t waffle or equivocate.

2. Talk about the issue in a compassionate manner—Priebus said “with a tone of grace, love and respect”.

3. Avoid unpopular aspects of anti-abortion and pivot to where the vast majority of Americans agree with the GOP i.e. about how 80% think abortion should be illegal after four months.

The left and their allies in the press will continue to attempt to trap hapless Republicans on abortion in hopes of creating another Akin kerfuffle—forewarned is forearmed!


The Rise Of The Clueless Wing Of The Republican Party

Liberal New York Republican congressman Peter King has form a PAC “that will enable me to go around the country to find like-minded Republicans who do not support a government shut down, who do not support Ted Cruz’s whole idea of government shutdown, of Rand Paul being isolationist.”

My guess is that mostly Democrats will contribute to this PAC, because their party will be the beneficiaries of a GOP that caves to Democrat demands and only seeks a few crumbs from the table.

And WTF? Does King think it was an activist band of Northeastern liberal Republicans who rose up and elected Republicans who took control of the House from Democrats in ’10?


So the “moderates” in the GOP want to kill the activist base in hopes of electing more—Republicans?

OK. Sure Pete. Whatever.


An Idea So Crazy It Just Might Work

Obama Should Offer Pot To Get Young People To Sign Up For Obamacare


An Idea So Crazy We Should Apply It To The Entire Illinois Government

In a report about how all the tax-and-spend chickens are coming home to roost in Democrat controlled RICO and how it will be the taxpayers who the Democrats will be pooping upon, KWQC had this interesting tidbit:

“Don Lind…has collected nearly 500 signatures on a petition to create a lottery ticket to help fund nursing homes in Illinois…he says his state representative has agreed to introduce legislation in the General Assembly next month.”

But why just narrow the lottery to nursing homes? Why not fund ALL Illinois government that way? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how many people would buy lottery tickets to fund public union worker perks? Road and bridge construction? Salaries and pensions for elected officials?

I say abolish the Illinois state tax and replace it with the lottery!


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