Trench Warfare: The Same Lame Blame Game

The New York Times has an article out today titled G.O.P Firebrands Tone Down Their Message And Run Again featuring Bobby Schilling, among others.

Quoth The Schillster:

“…this time is going to be different, because the middle-class folks who are being affected by Obamacare are going to come out, lots of both Republicans and Democrats.”

Of course the Democrats beg to differ, saying the Tea Party-blamed 16 day government shut down will be the biggie in ’14.

Quoth incumbent Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-NARAL):

“My opponent has a voting record that is very much in line with Tea Party thinking.”

In one of the up is down moments, Bustos is actually the one who voted to defund the government, while Schilling routinely voted to fund everything—including Obamacare.

Is Obamacare v. Shutdown really going to be the center of next year’s election? If so, my guess is that Obamacare will win since the shutdown was only 16 days and Obamacare will likely be with us forever.

If nothing else, the NYTimes story gives us a picture of the DC conventional wisdom—and what a small picture it is.

As for the picture of the 17th CD race; so far, except for the above quote, Bustos has been acting like she has NO opponent, Schilling is doing the Obamacare bashing bit which the link says “would not be an asset” to someone like Schilling. Only Reyes is moving beyond the What Opponent?/Same Lame Blame Game by campaigning on the issues and offering solutions neither Bustos nor Schilling can be bothered to contemplate or articulate.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Trench Warfare: The Same Lame Blame Game”

  1. I was going to do a separate post about this but decided to just add-on, since the theme is the same—the lack of energy in this campaign for 17th CD.

    I was thinking that back in the day (circa ’09), the energy level for Schilling was much higher, but considering I might have misremembered, I checked out my archives for December ’09 which would have been the same time period–pre-election as now.

    What I discovered is that during the last week of ’09 Bobby Schilling was launching his Bob’s For Jobs campaign. Check out the level of enthusiasm in the comments—frankly, it’s embarrassing considering what happened after Schilling was elected.

    Yes, I know ’09 isn’t ’13 and I was entirely out of the loop during the last campaign cycle, but it seems both Bustos and Schilling are playing defense.

    I know Bustos is a moderate/conservative Democrat, rather than a leftwing wacko like Phil Hare, and is not an easy target. I know that Schilling is a known known now, not an unknown. I know that Schilling now has a real job that doesn’t involve pizza that takes up much of his time. I know Schilling caused friction in his base. I know Schilling is lacking in fundraising. I know Schilling has not articulated why he is running except he looks in his kids eyes and because—Obamacare.

    I know all the knowns (or most of ’em) but unless he can bring back the energy, enthusiasm, passion and spark he created in ’09 his campaign will be Romney-redux that WILL NOT cause voters to “come out, lots of both Republicans and Democrats.”

  2. Be honest. You’d love to see Bustos in for another term. Once Reyes is out of the picture, are you going to continue Monday-morning-quarterbacking in your safe perch from afar?

    You “don’t live here” but yet you somehow feel the energy, huh? You know exactly what’s happening, right? To quote Phil Hare: “Oh, please.”

  3. To be honest, from “afar” I don’t see much difference between Bustos and Schilling.

    As for what happens “once Reyes is out of the picture”, I’ll still dislike Schilling just as much as I do now.


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