Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! Obamacare Has Got To Go!

In an appeal for campaign $$$$ Bobby Schilling went on a tear over Obamacare:

“Obamacare is driving up the price of orthodontic care…Obamacare places a new $2,500 cap on your health savings accounts…Obamacare needs to go…My opponent [Cheri Bustos] has been one of Obamacare’s biggest advocates in Congress…She actually voted to shut down the government…Folks, I need your help so we can repeal Obamacare and fix this Obamacare-caused health care crisis.”

It’s ironic that Cheri Bustos actually voted to defund the government—and with it Obamacare, and when he had the chance, Bobby actually voted to fund Obamacare.

I don’t expect Schilling to admit this, and it is to his advantage to keep his campaign on Facebook and Twitter so he doesn’t have to explain much beyond 140 characters—it certainly wouldn’t be prudent for him to have an issues page where he would be required to set out exactly HOW he intends to repeal and fix Obamacare, especially since Obama will be POTUS until 2017.

But never mind the details—just send money and he will work it out somehow.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

7 thoughts on “Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! Obamacare Has Got To Go!”

  1. The problematic rollout of Obamacare has seemed to validate this continued call for repealing obamacare. However, actual polling numbers in battleground states show that most people would rather it be FIXED than REPEALED. Just like no one listened to the independent polls about the Presidential race showing Obama way ahead, (Romney actually thought he was going to win), these polls are being ignored by Republican candidates too, namely Bobby S. Dems know how to poll, and now top Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg – having just done extensive polling in 86 competitive House districts — is advising Dems they should go on offense over the Affordable Care Act. The key finding: Even though voters in the battlegrounds have extreme doubts about the law, they still prefer implementing it to the GOP stance of repeal. And after a month of crushingly awful press for Obamacare, opinions on this matter in the battlegrounds have barely budged since October. – Offered a straight choice between “implementing and fixing” the health law and “repealing and replacing” it, voters in these 86 districts prefer “implementing and fixing” by five points, 49-44. That’s only a slight difference from October, when implement and fix led by seven, 51-44. But, also, only 33 percent of these battleground voters say the law will make things better for them, versus 46 percent who say it will make things harder, leaving a sizable chunk uncertain. That’s where Dems are going to attack and propose solutions rather than repeal. Does Bobby have any real numbers-men on his team, or do they just go by “online” polls and internal polls? Maybe he should be using some different tactic, IE the Economy?!!!!! I guess this is what you get when you have a 20-something running the show.

  2. That Greenberg polling info is very interesting—I had not seen that before. Puts a completely different spin on the repeal/replace idea, doesn’t it?


    To the Disgraced Sock Puppet: HR179

  3. This link will explain the kind of stuff you are talking about.


    Ed. Note: comment has been edited. The Disgraced Sock Puppet is pushing back on my claim that Schilling voted to fund Obamacare, but unfortunately he cites Polifact—the outfit that deemed “if you like your health care plan you can keep it” as true in ’08, then half-true in ’09 and ’12 and finally made it the Lie of The Year this year. Real reliable, huh? I prefer to put my faith in The Truth About Bobby.

  4. What a weak effort by the schillingites. Even the site they use notes that voting in favor of the continuing resolution funds is a vote to continue funding Obamacare. They simply disagree on what is an acceptable course of action. They repeatedly point out that to vote down the continuing resolution would mean stopping funding for the government. Ok. What’s their point? That’s what Schilling SHOULD have done. That’s what he was sent there to do. It’s called standing for something based on principle.

    This is just like how Schilling has voted to fund abortions with federal funds as well. Now his camp will tell you that he has voted for legislation that specifically prohibits federal funds from being used on abortion, but that’s a ridiculous shell game. Ron Paul voted to end all funding to Planned Parenthood and he correctly pointed out each time that every dollar of federal money that goes to Planned Parenthood frees up another dollar from other sources to be used for abortions.

    Schilling should have voted to defund Planned Parenthood entirely. That’s what he was elected to do, but he let us down. Maybe it’s because he knew he lacked the ability to effectively explain why he voted the way he did. I’ve heard Ron Paul and Justin Amash explain it. It takes all of 10 seconds. 30 if you want to get fancy. I heard Reyes declare in a speech that when he’s in office he will introduce legislation to completely defund PP. He said he will never stop fighting to get that done. Why didn’t Schilling do that when he was in office?

    In fact what monumental legislation did Schilling introduce at all? Was there a national debate about ANYTHING Schilling did while in office? If not, it probably means he wasn’t trying hard enough.

    So, to be clear, Schilling voted to fund Obamacare and abortions. Definitely seems like the standard-bearer we want for our party.

  5. Now that I think about this some more and considering the lame defense Disgraced Sock Puppet offered, I’m wondering if Schilling even knew what he was voting for when he voted for HR179? Did he know he was voting for FUNDING Planned Parenthood and Obamacare?

    As I remember, he “accidentally” voted for some other stuff—I think it was that prevailing wage thing, or maybe the defunding of NLRB or something.

    It could be he just isn’t sharp enough for the job of congressman.

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