What Does The Fox Say?

Roll Call says the Schilling v. Bustos race is one of the top 10 winnable races for the GOP this year. This is their reasoning:

“…Republicans say Schilling’s background—including his ties to organized labor—make him the kind of Republican who could win this district in a good year for the GOP. But they also caution that freshman Rep. Cheri Bustos—an adept fundraiser—will be a tough Democrat to beat.”

So there you have it—according to Roll Call Schilling will have to pander to Big Labor in order to win election.

Isn’t that what Phil Hare did? Is that what Republicans do?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

6 thoughts on “What Does The Fox Say?”

  1. And they thought Romney had a chance too. Its really Bustos’ election to lose. She’s voted just like Bobby would have voted on a lot of controversial issues. She voted FOR the keystone pipeline, FOR expansion of Cispa, FOR cutting SNAP food benefits, FOR relaxing regulations on Wall Street, FOR increasing Arsenal funding, and other things. If people actually looked at her voting record, she’s more Republican than Democrat. But everyone is so partisan in this town it doesn’t matter. The hardcore progressives won’t turn out to vote for her, she’s upset her base. And the hardcore conservatives will definitely vote against her cause she’s a democrat. Where are the Tom Railsback’s of our generation?!

  2. Speaking of What Does The Fox Say, Eric Reyes, via Facebook says “I would’ve voted against this tax&spend budget deal.@repcheri voted 4 it. How would @bobby_schilling vote?

    Since Schilling is mute on all but Obamacare bashing, my guess would be that he would say:


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