If It’s Good Enough For Phil Hare It’s Good Enough For Bobby Schilling

From a press release by the Eric Reyes for U.S. Congress campaign:

Earlier today, two donors and allies of Bobby Schilling’s campaign filed challenges to the signatures that Eric Reyes and his campaign collected.

“A year ago the Schilling campaign declared that challenging an opponent’s petitions was a direct attempt to usurp the democratic process,” Abe Levy, campaign manager for Reyes, said. “Clearly, Schilling and his allies have flipped on yet another stance, and this is another reason why constituents deserve a better option in the primary.”

Levy goes on the express confidence that their petitions will survive challenge, but to me, this move by Schilling is frankly baffling.

Ever since I resumed blogging last summer, all I have heard is that Reyes has no chance, no base and no money—so what’s up with this? Is Schilling just doing it because he can, or is there real concern about Reyes? Further, I’m sure this move by Schilling will do wonders toward healing the divisions in the already fractured RICO GOP.

This type of strong-arm thug tactic makes me harken back to the ’08 congressional campaign when Phil Hare was running for his second term in congress and the GOP was too damned feckless and dysfunctional to even field a token candidate to oppose him. The scuttlebutt at the time was that the GOP was demanding any candidate self-fund and have a cool million in the bank. So a Green Party candidate emerged named Troy Dennis. He had absolutely no chance against the Democrat Machine, but since they had all those lawyers at the ready, they decided to challenge Dennis’ petitions and got him thrown off the ballot.

Cool move, huh?

Back in ’09-’10 when I was working to get Schilling elected, I had no idea what I was doing was promoting a younger, slimmer version of the abominable Phil Hare.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

35 thoughts on “If It’s Good Enough For Phil Hare It’s Good Enough For Bobby Schilling”

  1. Yeah, a guy that couldn’t get more than 598 legitimate signatures is a real threat. Maybe if Reyes wasn’t such a joke he wouldn’t have waited until the last minute to collect 771 defunct and some, apparently, fraudulent signatures.

    Reyes claimed the weekend before the deadline that he had single handedly collected “600 signatures” by himself. That means that going into the deadline, his incredible grassroots support collected 171 signatures. Far short of the 2300 signatures that Schilling collected.

    What’s funny is that Reyes was on here claiming he had collected 4500 signatures as an independent candidate. Why was it so hard to collect 598 legitimate signatures if this is true? Couldn’t he have at least collected 1500 signatures?

    Further, you’re a fraud. You don’t care about divisions in the GOP. Otherwise you’d be at least a little objective with his blog. You wouldn’t give Reyes a pass for saying his role model was Jesse Freaking Jackson on his twitter. (He deleted it, but email your old friends if you want the screen shots) You wouldn’t give Reyes a pass at saying a single payer system was the right thing for our country. Did he have a conversion? Who knows, but that hasn’t been his story. His story is that he was never a liberal ever. That he never said those things.

    Reyes has raised a total of … Well we actually don’t know. Why? Because he has failed to raise the minimum of $3,000 that requires candidates to file fec reports.

    Reyes’ entire campaign is a farce. Anyone that has fallen for him either has an anti-schilling agenda or is just a plain fool.

    If Reyes and you were concerned about party unity, I think the first thing to stop doing is saying “Beat Bobby Bustos”

  2. Why didn’t Reyes just get 500 valid signatures if he was such a good candidate? If you have a bunch of forged or invalid signatures, do you deserve to be on the ballot?

    What is he going to run as next time? He couldn’t get 500 as a Democrat, couldn’t get 500 as a Republican, and he couldn’t get enough as an independent.

    As Examiner would say…What a hoot!

  3. That’s a really impressive diatribe Former, but you never did get around to explaining how a “joke” like Reyes is worthy of Schilling spending $$$$ on petition challenges. Or maybe he is so flush with fat cat moolah he can afford to spread it around a little.

    After I published this post, I thought of another possibility—-Schilling is afraid he will be damaged in a primary fight so he wants to knock out the “joke” before the facts about him start rolling out from Reyes’ campaign.

    Either way, I’d still love to hear why Schilling is wasting money on the “joke”.

    As for your other charges, when was I ever “objective” or claim to be? Would that be back in ’09-’10 when I was relentlessly bashing Hare while shouting hosannahs to Schilling? Really, that’s your idea of “objective”?

    As for my concern (or not) for GOP unity and its divisions, um, no. For years I viewed the RICO GOP as a mere social club completely uninterested in winning elections or even doing the basic things a viable political party should do. My opinion for some time has been the RICO GOP needs to be dismantled room by room and replaced and rebuilt with more aggressive and forward-looking leadership and membership.

    As for me having either an “anti-schilling agenda” or being a “plain fool”, there is another, simpler answer: it’s personal. My disgust is with his low character and the lies Schilling told about me and my blog. He didn’t just lie to insiders, he also lied to total strangers, and to my knowledge, has never retracted or apologized for his lies.

    Did he really think I wouldn’t care if he told everyone within earshot that my blog had been taken over by his “competitor”? If so, he’s the fool.

  4. Maybe you should check with Jonathan and Harrison Wallace, who have been bragging to everyone and their brother about having access to this blog.

    You’re so full of crap, that or you’re being played.

    Don’t worry. Wallace will deny it like he does every claim about him. Maybe you should talk to Rich Morthland who told Susie Carpentier, and several other candidates that he know that “Jonathan has a dark side. I know that.”

    And let’s be honest, if this was Reyes kicking Schilling off the ballot you would be lambasting schilling as being an incompetent moron.

    And thanks for proving my point that you have an anti-schilling agenda. At least you admit it’s not based on facts and reasons and actually nominating the best candidate who can run the best campaign.

    Glad you’ve admitted that you have no credibility.

    So your new line of support for Reyes is going to be, “So what if he can’t even collect 500 legitimate signatures from registered voters. He can definitely beat Bustos.” Is that right?

  5. You should be upset that Reyes has embarrassed you so horribly.

    Oh and no response to Reyes having Jesse Jackson as his role model? Interesting.

  6. Hey, thanks for telling me what I should be feeling (upset, embarrassed), and this is the first I ever heard of the JJ as role model thing.

    Sorry, I’ve been out of state since August ’11 and out of the insider loop.

    When I backed Schilling in ’10, that wasn’t based on “facts or reason” either, since he was a complete unknown and political newby. But so what? At least he got rid of Hare, which was my primary driving force at that time.

    Since I have “no credibility”, I assume the above will be your last view and your last comment.

  7. C’mon Former QCE Fan,

    If you’re going to try to mislead people with out of context nonsense from a ridiculous “truth blog” that’s obviously run by the Schilling campaign you should at least get your out of context words right.

    In this post, http://truthaboutreyes.blogspot.com/2013/10/wait-hanging-out-with-jesse-jackson-jr.html?m=0 Reyes is pictured with Jesse Jackson and he says he was “inspired” by him since he was 5. No mention of a role model. Now let’s see, when Reyes was 5, Jackson would’ve been a legitimate contender for the democratic nomination for the Presidency. You don’t think that might be inspirational to a minority growing up poor below the hill in Rock Island?

    By the way, who’s his profile picture with now? Where’s your focus on his current picture with Ted Cruz?

    Then you say that he said single payer was the right thing for our country… When? When did he ever say that? I assume this is from another excerpt from the same joke of a blog when Reyes was repeating what Justice Scalia said in his dissent over the Obamacare decision and somehow Scalia’s words when said by Reyes become an endorsement of single payer!

    Now THAT is a hoot!

  8. BS stands for bullsh*t (bullsh*tter) or Bobby Schilling. Sometimes both. I put too much faith in this guy in the past elections. I regret it now. Challenging Mr. Reyes is not such a stupid move though. If he is thrown out that would end the petty rivalry. If Mr.Reyes stays on the ballot the split that was created could hurt Mr. Schilling very badly in the general election. I dislike Mrs.Bustos even more than Mr.Schillng but for the sake of the party this type of action by our leadership against our own people has to end!

    Newcomers are not going to want to run for elected office within the party if this is how we treat them. Sadly we are still a “Rich Country Club.” Schilling’s lying, thug like tactics and our parties bad leadership will be the death of us.

  9. Team Schilling never did offer an explanation as to why it was so important to spend precious $$$$ challenging the Reyes petitions, but Paula’s reasoning seems as plausible as any, although my guess is the damage is already done.

  10. Former QCE fan:

    The Google alerts on my name go off for news about a Georgetown basketball player, and sometimes yours truly. Thanks to my direct and super special relationship with the QC Examiner, I’m able to jump in and save both JW’s names from being Santorum’d here.

    The problem with our inside baseball on anonymous blogs is that no one but us reads it and it does nothing but make everyone angrier about nothing substantial.

    I know your style is to deflect, deflect, deflect (why am I mentioned in this post, for instance?). It’s really effective when you drop a whole lot of accusations and drop the mic before anyone knows what happened.

    That’s why I don’t know what I am defending myself from. What particular accusation(s)? There is no answer to that. I didn’t remap the 17th. And I certainly didn’t steal [insert yard sign, list, souls]. Oh, and I am not QCExaminer (yes, this is actual accusation). Reyes is a nice guy but I can’t take any credit for anything happening on that campaign.

    As for the “dark side” comment: I am definitely a Jedi. The force is not strong with you here.

    Look, you can dislike someone for no reason. And you don’t even have to get everyone else to dislike that person too. You’re allowed to do that, irrational as it is. I just wish you and your crew would admit that instead of playing this evil operative card that, despite being clever (damned if I do, damned if I don’t), makes everyone who knows either of us scratch their heads in disbelief.

    P.S. you still have my email, I’m open for kissing and making up.

    QCE: I remember getting signatures for Troy Dennis (08) before Bobby hit the scene. Wonder what he is up to?

  11. Schilling mouthpiece J-Schwep weighs in via Ed Tibbetts at QCTimes:

    “…objections weren’t filed at the campaign’s behest but it’s aware of the specifics. Schweppe said there were 770 signatures filed with the petitions, but 300 were not registered voters and some were forgeries…’He just didn’t do the work,’ Schweppe said of Reyes. As for the 2012 cycle, Schweppe said all Schilling did was withhold an objection to Reyes’ candidacy.”


    However, if true, this will sink Reyes since this isn’t his first rodeo—-it’s his third—or fourth, can’t remember. Hope Abe is right that all will ultimately be well.

  12. Something smells rotten. Jon Schweppe is the guy spreading rumors about Reyes being a rapist. Brian Annseuw hosts Bobby Schillings BBQ fundraisers on his farm. William Handford was Schillings campaign manager. (http://addins.whig.com/blogs/politicalblog/2009/11/schilling-poll-shows-mixed-progress-against-hare/comment-page-1)

    The Schillings have no integrity or class. Paula is right, they are thugs when it comes to politics. Most of us see what is happening here. They are a bad example of our party. This type of behavior is why politics is so dirty. Dirty move by a washed up unethical ex-congressman.

  13. I thought this was only Reyes’s second rodeo, and only the first time he’s ever tried to get on a primary ballot?

    I know he ran for Congress in 2012 and now he’s running for Congress in 2014. Did I miss a couple elections?

    Or are you referring to actual rodeos?

  14. As someone who has read QCE for a bit, I can definitely recognize his/her writing style. We’d see a difference in style if it was someone else. And as far as I know, a person does not have to be a registered voter to sign a petition to get someone on the ballot, Schweppe is ignorant of the law.

  15. f. Petition signers shall indicate on such petition their residence address, written or
    printed, including the street address or rural route number, as well as their city,
    village or town, county and state. However, the state, county, city, village and
    town of residence may be pre-printed on the petition form when all of the
    electors signing the petition form reside therein. Standard abbreviations may be
    used in writing the residence address, including street number, if any. A
    petition signer must be a registered voter from the address shown opposite
    his/her signature on the petition.

  16. GoDaddy,

    Actually the signatures all need to be from registered voters within the district and the signatures and addresses have to match the registration.

    The people that signed the petitions attested to that fact when they read and signed the petition as seen on Reyes’s site. http://ericreyes.us/petitions/

    Not to mention they also had instructions provided to them that were available at http://ericreyes.us/petitions/instructions-signing/

    I notice Reyes’s instructions don’t include the requirement that the signer live in the district, although the petition they actually signed does. I can’t imagine that was too much of a problem though, considering the district is huge and Reyes lives in the middle of it.

    I sure hope Reyes manages to win this thing. If he lost on the issues it would be one thing, but if he gets booted because of this it looks like I’ll have to either write someone in or leave that spot blank (I could never vote for Bustos like some have threatened).

  17. They aren’t rumors if they’re true!

    Also, the “google alert” thing… J-Wall c’mon now. You don’t get google alerts on wordpress comments.

    Ed. Note: comment edited

  18. So who’s more at fault here? Eric or Abe? Do you blame the candidate or his campaign manager? I think most of the blame has to go to the campaign manager… you have one job, right? Was Abe getting paid? Will Abe ever work in politics again?

    Ed. Note: comment edited. Come on Schillsters—-enough with the cheap shots and juvenile snark—that’s what got a bunch of you tossed to Spam Hell in the first place.

  19. jw, don’t know what ever happened to Troy Dennis. At the time I never thought he was a politico-type but just someone who was appalled that Hare was getting a free ride courtesy of the moronic GOP.

    As I remember, his daughter was his fiercest and most passionate champion—but you were out there getting signatures for him in ’08? You were just a callow youth then, no? 😀


    LV@10:58pm, by “rodeo” I meant the number of times Reyes had collected signatures on petitions—twice in ’10 as a Dem then an Indy, then once this year.



    Time out here. Do we even know how these challenges have turned out? Is it a done deal that Reyes has been tossed off the ballot so Schilling can cruise to glorious victory?

    Isn’t all this victory dancing in the end zone a little premature?

    Please advise.

  20. Not j-wall and J. Schweppe really need to look up the definitions of defamation, slander, and libel. Both of these two are apparently accusing Reyes of a crime and a rather heinous one at that.

    Now how would they possibly know these rumors to be true? Were they there? Did they participate? Was it some sort of weird voyeuristic thing for them? If not, but they have firsthand knowledge of the crime (which they could only have if they were there) then why didn’t they report the crime at the time?

    On the other hand, if they were NOT there, then that means they’re making the allegation based on what someone else has told them. Which is textbook defamation/libel/slander.

    Have they never noticed that even a person arrested and publicly charged with a crime is said to have allegedly done what they’re accused of? Guess why that is? It’s because failure to do so opens the speaker up to a lawsuit and possibly criminal charges themself.

    I seriously can’t believe Schilling is surrounding himself with these type of people.

    They might wanna consider lawyering up. Although, it looks like one of the more well known defense attorneys around won’t be taking their case.

  21. Here’s a thought. Maybe Eric Reyes should stop threatening it and just sue and see what happens. It’d be interesting to see what comes out.

    Ed. note: comment edited

  22. This back channel smear campaign certainly blows Schilling’s image as a good Christian family man—The Pizza Guy With 10 Kids.

    Or maybe he’s like Obama and has no idea what is going on in his own campaign and family. lol

    I can’t believe I actually gave $$$$, supported and voted for this guy.


  23. So, according to “thought leader” Reyes should sue somebody for saying something based on what somebody told him, and that lawsuit should be based on the fact that someone told Reyes that somebody said something?

    Seriously? You do see how that makes no sense, don’t you? Who’s thoughts are you leading exactly? I hope not Schilling’s… Although that would explain his atrocious voting record.


  24. When did Reyes threaten anyone? Is that another I missed? Or is it another made up fact like the ones about Jesse Jackson being Reyes’s role model or him ever saying that Single-payer was the right thing for America.

    Making stuff up is just so pathetic.

  25. I didn’t realize there was a back channel smear campaign against Schilling’s Mouthpiece—please share the details!

  26. As I have said here before Eric Reyes couldn’t get the signatures as a Democrat so he ran as an independent.
    Now he can’t get the Republican signatures as I told you all would happen.
    Now Reyes will say he has philosophical issues with Republicans and run as an independent and get 1% of the vote like he did last election.
    Reyes was a bust in His buddy Jeff Terronez office.
    Now it is time for us to all get on the Schilling train.

  27. The Dispatch-Democrat finally gets around to reporting on this story with additional information that the case will be called next week but the final determination by the Illinois State Board of Elections won’t be until January 9. This means a month is wasted for the Reyes campaign which is being held in limbo by this move.

    The story says Reyes was contacted yesterday for comment, but calls were not returned. Don’t know if they just waited until after deadline to call Reyes or whether he actually didn’t call them back. If the latter, this is an extremely bad move on his part—you never let your political opponent have the last word.

    In this case it was Schilling’s Mouthpiece doing his best Schlittner-style cheap shot: “If Mr. Reyes wants to be taken seriously he needs to make sure he does the work.”

    At least I think that is the direct quote—had to work around the D-D paywall shield. 😀

  28. Just some quick points of information for y’all.

    1. We filed 57 petition sheets. Each sheet has 15 signature lines on them. Some signatures were deleted and a handful of the sheets had a blank line or two at the end (I think one was only about halfway full). I’m not sure where this 770 signatures number is coming from. I thought it was more like 840.

    2. I’m glad the Dispatch story at least threw in the word “apparently” when saying there were forgeries on my petitions. (The paper contacted me at 3:15 while I was in an appointment. I returned the call within the hour. The story wasn’t posted till 5:38pm.). I’m not aware of any forgeries and neither is my campaign manager, Abe. I’m curious as to what Schilling’s spokesman’s direct quote was. I don’t doubt that he left out the qualifier though.

    3. I don’t know why “Julie” is on here once again spouting nonsense about how many signatures I collected in the past, but again, she is wrong. In the democratic primary I collected around 1900 signatures when 600 were required. I didn’t file them because my libertarian conservative views didn’t allow me to in good conscience. As an independent I collected over 4000 signatures when 5000 were required. That collection period was closer to the general election so more people cared. Also ANY registered voter could sign regardless of party and there were plenty of democrats and republicans who didn’t (and still don’t) want to see either Bustos or Schilling in office.

    4. I filed as an independent for a few reasons. First, I’d been affiliated with the democrats my entire life so the thought of becoming a republican wasn’t even on my radar at the time. Second, I was absolutely certain I could do a better job than the guy in office and he was a republican. Third, the time to file in a partisan primary passed as I released my statement that I would not be filing as a democrat. So even if I’d wanted to run as a republican, it was too late. I was only allowed to run as an independent because I did NOT file in a primary, which brings me to…

    5. Even if I WANTED to run as an independent, should the Schilling campaigns Chicago style politics work, I’m prohibited from doing so by election law since I already sought the republican nomination. But that’s beside the point anyway because I AM a Paul/Cruz/Amash Republican and I have no desire to do anything in politics other than help transform the party into what those leaders stand for and hopefully take our country back in the name of freedom, liberty, and The Constitution.

    6. I am not defeated yet. I put my faith in Abe when I hired him and I’m keeping my faith in him now. I absolutely would have preferred to file more signatures but that was how many we were able to gather with both of us working full time jobs (me running my own business) and a handful of extremely dedicated volunteers. I personally gathered about 500 of the signatures (I highly doubt Schilling personally collected that many). I’d hoped to get to 600 but I fell rather ill in the last week or so of the collection period and wasn’t able to get out in the cold. Regardless, we had a whole week longer to collect signatures if we’d wanted to. We didn’t have to file on the first day of filing, but we chose to do so because as far as we’re aware, the people who signed our petitions were telling the truth when they said they were registered voters. I find it incredibly hard to believe that 300 of them were lying about that. Especially when so many of our signatures were gathered at Republican events.

    The bottom line is, I’m keeping the faith. If this isn’t my time, then so be it. Reagan lost several primaries before becoming President. Like me, he too was a Democrat before he saw the light (so was Schilling). I just happened to see the light decades earlier in my life than either of them did. God willing, we’ll prevail in this battle and then Schilling will be forced to debate us on the issues, and in that realm, our campaign for liberty wins every time.

  29. And Bobby Schilling didn’t need to collect ANY signatures because he had a grassroots organization that managed to collect over 2300 signatures.

    Ed. Note: comment has been edited.

  30. Wow Former QCE Fan,

    The former Congressman who just lost last election as the incumbent after spending millions of dollars has a larger network of supporters than the guy who just joined the party a year ago? That is incredibly shocking! This being his third time running for the same office on the same ticket, he even managed to collect almost three times as many signatures as Reyes did.

    Yay Bobby!

    The schillingites are bragging about meeting or almost meeting expectations… Doesn’t bode well for them.

    Also, I guess I’ll be the first one to bring it up, but I really hope the two challengers aren’t both old white guys, because… I mean seriously… Could that look ANY worse? I wonder if Bustos surrogates will bring that up when speaking to minority groups?

    Good luck with Hispanics who now have reason to believe that you want their vote, you just don’t want them to run.

  31. If you want to bypass the Dispatch pay-shield, just use Firefox and turn on Private browsing. All the free content you want. It works on the QCtimes too.

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