About Those Cadillacs

Report from Rock Falls:

“Bobby Schilling, a Republican who is trying to recapture his congressional seat, told a crowd of factory workers that he came from nothing, recalling his family’s old, rusted-out Cadillacs when he was growing up.”

Isn’t it a little late to be dwelling on biography since the 17th CD is exactly the same as it was in ’12?

But never mind all that, while Schilling opined about Obamacare (he wouldn’t have voted for it) and the shutdown (he’d do something different, whatever), eventually the topic turned to fundraising and Schilling admitted “It’s been slow.

The reporter continues:

“Schilling said Bustos has a ‘left-wing’ donor basis (sic) such as pro-abortion groups, that provide her a lot of money.”

Of course there are “right-wing” donor basis (sic) too, but unfortunately for Bobby, it looks as if he has opened himself up to a War On Women ™ attack by saying “pro-abortion” is left-wing when in fact it is mainstream.

It may be true that Bustos is a member of the Gosnell wing of the Democrat Party, but abortion—with restrictions, is still a mainstream view. The good news is that the trend is toward anti-abortion, especially among the young, but for now, the mainstream of public opinion is that abortion should be legal with restrictions for life of the mother, rape and incest.

Schilling ought to hope and pray he isn’t the ’14 election cycle’s Todd Akin.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “About Those Cadillacs”

  1. Not to mention I heard he owned a sweet Cadillac Escalade not to long ago.

    Bustos owned a Cadillac XLR but she got rid of it in 2011 when she realized that owning a car that costs more than the average price of a home in her district didn’t fit well with her wannabe image of a coupon-clipping average woman (who happens to be a multi-millionaire).

    Reyes also owned a Cadillac last election but it cost half what Bobby Bustos’s Cadillacs cost and I heard him say he got rid of it because he couldn’t afford the gas.

    Who’s the “everyman” in this race again?

    Not that I have anything against millionaires, but Reyes is the only one in this race who isn’t one.

  2. Personally, I don’t give a hoot what kind of car a politician drives.

    But when a politician solicits campaign funds by saying “I’m not the type of guy to drive a Cadillac” when said politician DOES (or did) drive a Cadillac, I can only assume that said politician is out to bamboozle the rubes.

    If a politician will lie about what kind of car he drives, what else will he lie about?

    That’s the question.

  3. Bobby had two Caddie SUVs, one black, one white. Maybe he’s told the truth; He’s not the kind of guy who drives “a” Cadillac.

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