Throw Daddy From The Train

On Tuesday the Illinois legislature voted by a narrow margin to pass Potemkin public employee pension “reform”. Most agree this measure doesn’t fix the problem of a $100 billion pension hole, but the more optimistic say at least it’s “a good first step”, the second step likely coming in 20 years or more or when another “crisis” looms.

Naturally this vote was fraught with danger—especially for Democrats who count on Big Labor money and muscle for their campaigns. So it was that Verschoore voted for it because he doesn’t have a primary opponent—or a GOP general election opponent, either. Mike Smiddy, whose seat was bought and paid for by Big Labor money voted against it—no surprise there.

Surprisingly—or maybe not, Mike Jacobs voted for this Potemkin Reform bill saying:

“I can’t help but think we’re paying for the sins of the fathers here.”

Well maybe in the larger sense, but in the Jacobs’ family personal sense, he just threw his daddy under the pension bus.

In an interview with John Beydler in June, 2005, just after his first year as a selected senator, this is Beydler’s account of what Jacobs said about the pension business:

“He voted for the budget though he’s still unsure, he said, whose numbers are right on the long-term impact of cutting back payments into state pension funds, and using the money to meet current expenses. His father said it would prove costly; the governor’s people argued reforms passed this year would save enough to make it a wash.”

This was 2005 and Mike took Blago’s word over his own father’s—a 20 year veteran of the senate. So it wasn’t the sin of his father that brought this on, it was his own sin.

But whatever. We have known about Mike’s corruption and loose cannon ways since the beginning, yet he still gets elected and re-elected. But this time could be different. His GOP opponent is Neil Anderson, who is a Moline firefighter and who I assume is with Smiddy on this pension business. If so, now is the time for him to pound Mike about his yes vote, and try to get some of that Big Labor money and muscle in his—and the GOP’s corner for a change.


Author: qcexaminer

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One thought on “Throw Daddy From The Train”

  1. Here’s how the Dispatch-Democrat saved Mike’s bacon:

    “Sen. Jacobs told the Associated Press that lawmakers must make the tough decisions to ‘pay for the sins’ of previous Legislatures which shortened and skipped required pension payments for decades.”

    Neat,huh? No mention of the direct quote “sins of the fathers”, no mention that Mike was one of the lawmakers that voted to “shorten and skipped required pension payments”. Isn’t Beydler still at the D-D? Is there no institutional knowledge left?

    Making Powerful Politburo Poobahs look good seems to be the mission statement of the local Illinois press.


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