My Candidate Went To Congress And All I Got Was A Lousy $110,000 Reduction Of The National Debt

Third quarter FEC reports showed Bobby Schilling had raised $171,000 with $163,000 on hand while Cheri Bustos had raised $305,000 with $612,000 available to spend, so even though Schilling has support of some PACs and the Young Guns program, he still needed to appeal to the people to close the money gap.

The first eighteen paragraphs of his two page (front and back) fundraising letter was an extended rant on Obamacare and Bustos. At this point, we are all aware of what a clusterfark Obamacare is, and while Bustos is indeed a Democrat, she did not vote for it, and did vote to defund it (in a backdoor sort of way) this year. She also voted for the Upton bill, so she has done what she can to distance herself from the abomination Phil Hare wrought.

Schilling’s other attacks on her are dicey at best, but certainly not beyond what is standard for these fundraisers.

So after 18 paragraphs of attacks, this is Schilling’s one paragraph pitch why he should be elected and you should send him money:

“You know me. I’m the pizza guy with ten kids. I went to Congress and led by example. I rejected the Cadillac congressional health care plan. I rejected the Cadillac congressional pension. I’m not the type of guy to drive a Cadillac, and I certainly don’t want to do it on the taxpayers’ dime. I actually returned a $110,000 surplus from my congressional budget back to the taxpayers to help pay off the national debt.”

So there you have it—-Bobby sired 10 kids, has a pizza joint and returned $110,000 to reduce the national debt. Unfortunately for him, except for the $110,000 the other stuff happened before he was elected in ’10, but whatever.

It’s also worth noting that Bustos is not on the “Cadillac congressional health care plan” either, choosing to stick with her husband’s insurance courtesy of Rock Island County taxpayers.

So to recap: Bobby says you need to open your wallets and send him money because:

1. Cheri Bustos didn’t vote for Obamacare but she’s a Democrat so—because guilt by association;

2. Bobby didn’t do much during his tenure in DC but at least he has ten kids and a pizza place.

He had better be right because he has a $449,000 deficit—and counting, of his own to overcome.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “My Candidate Went To Congress And All I Got Was A Lousy $110,000 Reduction Of The National Debt”

  1. Mike,

    Since Reyes didn’t file an FEC report he has to have raised less than $5,000.

    I heard him asked that question at a recent event. He said that his campaign was focused on meeting people and collecting enough signatures to make sure he got on the ballot and that he hadn’t started asking for donations yet.

    Not sure how great of an idea that was. Multitasking would’ve probably been better, but I can understand the thinking behind the decision.

  2. Well LV, let’s hope it’s true that money follows message because Reyes has the superior message.

    Schilling’s message seems to be “I’m the pizza guy with 10 kids who hates Cadillacs”—or something.

  3. LOL they must have sold the Escalade. If I were his opponents, I would snag a picture of that Cadillac!

  4. Now is the time for all of us to get behind Bobby and throw Eric Reyes to the curb. His money situation is pathetic and you can not win without money.

    Rep. Schilling is our guy and this pretending that he has a chance is doing nothing other than hindering our chance to take back our nation.

    America can not survive any more of this rich, fancy paved street liberal.

    Rep Bobby Schilling is our man.

  5. I’d say now is the time to get behind Reyes with our wallets to make sure he has enough money to win!

    He’s already better than Bobby on every issue and we already saw that Bobby isn’t capable of beating Bustos in an election or even in a debate. Now Bustos is the incumbent and will be even harder to beat but we’re supposed to believe Bobby can get it done this time? When so many in his own party have had enough of him? Seriously?

    The fact is, Reyes is the only candidate with a chance of beating Bustos. Nominating Bobby would be just as “wise” as nominating Romney was. We need a Ron Paul Republican, a neocon has zero chance of winning in this redrawn district.

  6. Wow. Bobby didn’t even beat Bustos in debates? After two campaigns, two years in office, gazillion public speaking events, familiarity with issues, etc.? What did Bustos ever run for—East Moline city council? And she still beat him?


    The Romney comparison is apt—I don’t sense much enthusiasm for Schilling, just resignation. Schilling is a divisive figure, it will be tough for him to shake the “loser” label and the fact that Schilling pooped in his own nest will result in lower turnout even if he wins the primary.


    Julie, the time to get behind the candidate is AFTER the primary. If Reyes is doing as poorly as some claim, I am sure Schilling won’t spend much money leading up to the primary, especially since he is so far behind Bustos in fundraising, he doesn’t have much money to squander.

    But since Schilling isn’t the incumbent, don’t you think that having a choice is a good thing? Isn’t is always a good thing in politics to have a choice of candidates rather than the Politburo style of old when Gianulius was The Decider of who would be chosen and everyone else was told to sit down, shut up and wait their turn?

  7. Is Bobby Schilling capable of ever telling the truth? In his fundraising letter Schilling states “I’m not the type of guy to drive a Cadillac”. Does he really think no one remembers that shiny black Cadillac Escalade that he was so proud of? Bobby ran in 2010 as promising to cut spending but in Congress he voted to keep spending. He promised to defund Planned Parenthood but then voted to keep funding them. Schilling was a disaster! Eric Reyes!

  8. Kinda hard to believe he thought no one would notice, innit?

    Or maybe he was just cynical enough to think no one would care.

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