Now You’re Just Somebody That I Used To Know

Anonymous Bloggers From Texas For Reyes!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

16 thoughts on “Now You’re Just Somebody That I Used To Know”

  1. That other blogger claims you’re deleting any posts that offer a different point of view than you do. That’s not true, is it? I’d assumed you would only delete vulgar posts and you said you were done tolerating sock-puppetry as well (kudos for that). But I’m pretty sure I’ve still seen some dissent.

    Perhaps the Schillingites have simply lost their ability to speak without being profane.

    I saw Reyes posted on Facebook that while standing in line to file his petitions he was already asked on camera about some rumors involving “charges of assault” that the Schilling camp had informed the interviewer of. I have to say, if the Schilling camp is so confident of victory, why resort to the personal attacks and lies on day one? (Before day one actually).

    I’ve heard that these rumors are coming directly from the guy often referred to as Terry Schilling’s personal assistant. The rumor I heard was a VERY serious criminal allegation. I’m surprised Schilling is keeping someone like that around and so high in his campaign without proof. I assume there’s no proof because if there was, I don’t think Reyes would be running for office, I think he’d be in prison. It looks like someone may be learning the true meaning of the legal term slander in the future.

  2. NQCE got sent to Spam Hell for his faux Justin Andersen sock puppetry—after that, I just couldn’t trust him, so I let Akismet take care of him.

    The comments of his and his cronies that got deleted didn’t “offer a different point of view” unless your “view” is mindless insults—-they weren’t profane, they were inane.

    Although I wish he could have come up with a more original name for his blog, I wish him well if his aim is really to “hold Rock Island County accountable” since I am no longer able to do so for a variety of reasons—time, enthusiasm, energy and lack of subscriptions to local QC news sources. I used to have a massive file of links to all sorts of information but I gave it the heave-ho when I left. I also don’t do Facebook or twitter which I am beginning to see is a major impediment to blogging—-I didn’t see Eric’s FB about being accosted by idiot “reporters” about his alleged evil doing.

    I also agree the Schillingites reek of desperation if they are feeding this crap to the press—- that is the Democrat’s and Bustos’ job. 😀

    In my view, the main problem NQCE has with me is that I am no longer shilling for Schilling.

  3. Terry Schilling is very nasty when it comes to politics. He is way too agressive and that has backfired on his dads campaign several times. It wouldn’t suprise me if that other blog is coming directly from him or his integrety lacking right hand coms guy.

    Judging by this blog and the shils desperate attepts to make peace with everyone, they are having some problems smoothing over people they ticked off.

    I’m personally not a Schilling fan because of his voting record(Socialist) and ego problem.

    Where is the humble servant we elected in 2010?

    Seen B3 B4. Time for a non socialist.

  4. I don’t think Schilling is a socialist, but I hate that he is one of those politicians that say one thing to the home folks but then do something completely different once they are in DC.

    A good example is defunding Obamacare. Schilling ran on that and easily defeated the moronic Hare who not only voted for it but claimed to have read the law three freakin’ times.

    Unfortunately, when Schilling got to DC, he marched lockstep with leadership and voted to fund Obamacare, Planned Parenthood and a whole bunch of other stuff he swore he wouldn’t fund.

    Whatever, but this crap is getting old for some of us which is why we are seeing primary challenges to incumbents, mostly on the GOP side.

    As for Terry Schilling being “nasty when it comes to politics”, I don’t have any first hand knowledge of that, but if true, it seems Schilling has his very own Bobby Kennedy, except instead of being his brother, it is his son!

  5. nice title … Bobby complaining that you are not supporting him, so you must have gone to “the dark side”. There are some good parodies of that song, you could do one with Bobby the whiny guy that sold out his faithful, but is sorry we’re gone. 🙂

    “Now and then I think of all that Bobby promised ….

    Why did I have to VOTE for him …
    Now he’s just a DC loser that I used to know …

    I wonder where Bobby stands on Commie Core

  6. Please someone break it down. Just air it out here or there.

    Why is a low level state staffer such a concern for bob?

  7. just a low level staffer … isn’t that who obstructed 100’s of tea party groups … just a couple low level staffers? But it was really directed from the very top. Holder says it was just low level staffers that sent 2500 weapons to drug cartels, though he was caught lying to Congress about it.

    The fish rots from the head down … as they say.

  8. Thanks for the hilarious video bherms3. Being the clueless dweeb I am, I had no idea such things existed!

    I had to delink NQCE because he misrepresented his blog. When I first saw the trackback in my comments, I thought it was an amusing parody, since I know the blogger. Later I saw where he claimed his aim was to “hold Rock Island County accountable”, which I am all for, since I am no longer able to do it.

    But then, checking later, I realized NQCE was just the Hatin’ On QCE blog, and there was no way I was going to promote that.

    As for Schilling’s opinion of “Commie Core”— I have no idea. He hasn’t talked about issues except Obamacare, which he denounces out of one side of his mouth, while conveniently omitting the fact that he voted to fund this abomination. He has no Issues page on his website so you can draw your own conclusions on where he stands on issues. 😉

    As far as I can tell, he is running on:

    1. I’m Not Bustos, and

    2. I’m the Pizza Guy With 10 Kids.

    Beyond that, who knows?

  9. Mike, this probably isn’t the best venue for sorting out all the mass hysteria that has gripped the RICO GOP. Commenters are mostly anonymous here and there is still a lot of sock puppetry and trolling.

    What needs to be done to clear this up once and for all is for Mike Steffen to show some leadership; it would have been helpful if Carpentier had shown some leadership since all this festered during her tenure, but you can’t turn back the clock.

    Steffen needs to get all the people together and thrash this out—and this includes Wallace who continually gets excluded from these inane reindeer games.

    Various commenters have offered various theories over various threads of various posts here, but face-to-face is the only way to git ‘er done.

    At least in my view.

  10. I got called out in your wannabe’s recent post! I feel like such a celebrity. 😉

    Apparently my 3 comments over the past 6 weeks amounted to enough “not-so-nice”ness that it warranted a special mention.

    And here I just thought I was calling it like I saw it with liberty colored glasses on at all times. Yay me.

  11. The problem is that Reyes has to much baggage. His stint with Jeff Terronez says it all. Reyes will not get enough signatures like he couldn’t when he ran as a Democrat for Congress and then again when he ran as an independent.
    Reyes has to many issues to be Congressman and that is why we need to find a way to get Bob Schilling back on track and make him our official candidate for Congress.
    Schilling should apologize to Wallace and the Republican Party should reinstate him and we should all support Bobby Schilling for Congress.
    He is our best chance to take back this government.

  12. Julie, Reyes DID get enough signatures and has filed his petitions—check out my “Weapon of Choice” post above for proof.

    However, it appears Schilling is set to challenge Reyes signatures since he had one of his drones file to get copies of Reyes’ petitions.

    Hey, it worked for Hare in ’08 to get Green Party candidate Troy Dennis off the ballot, and it worked for Obama at the beginning of his political career, so don’t give up on Bobby yet—with the likes of Hare and Obama as his role models—-what could possibly go wrong?

  13. Hopefully my campaign manager, Abe, will forgive me for breaking his “no commenting on blogs” commandment this one time.

    I’ve read what everyone has had to say about everything thus far and I’m glad to see so many people taking such an interest in this race. I will do my best not to let my supporters down. I just to address a couple of things directly one time and then I will leave the conversation.

    First, regarding signatures. In 2011 I was required to collect 600 signatures if I wished to file to run in the democratic primary. I collected approximately 1,900 signatures but CHOSE not to file because it was abundantly clear that my support for lower taxes, less government, and individual liberty were utterly incompatible with the Democratic Party. At the time, having been raised as a democrat, the idea of being a republican seemed outrageous to me and besides, I was already running for congress BECAUSE I knew I could do the job better than the guy we’d elected in 2010. I’ve written about this era in my statement found at (or if you prefer, ) I’ve never understood where the belief that I “couldn’t get enough signatures” came from. It’s patently false and rather absurd.

    After I decided to run as an independent in 2011 BEFORE the filing period for the democratic primary had ended, I was them required to collect 5,000 signatures due to Illinois’s Unconstitutional ballot access laws. I failed to meet that requirement by several hundred signatures. (I collected just over 4,000 signatures). At that time Bobby personally guaranteed me that he wouldn’t challenge my petitions and he’d make sure no republican would and he went on record with multiple newspapers vowing not to challenge my petitions and stating that doing so was an attempt to usurp or subvert the democratic process. He was right then. We’ll see what he does this time around. I lost my court challenge on a technicality related to service of pleadings and I had to run as a write in. Throughout the general election I was constantly told that I was “really a republican” and eventually I thought maybe those people were right. Especially if “being republican” meant agreeing with Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. So I chose to become a republican.

    This time around I was required to collect 598 signatures to be on the republican primary ballot. I believe we turned in around 850 signatures. Somewhere in that ballpark. Abe doesn’t think we’ll be challenged and even if we are, he’s confident that our signatures will survive the challenge. I’m putting my faith in him and just not worrying about it.

    As for the nonsense about “my baggage.” I THINK after the most recent absurd allegation that I have now heard every imaginable rumor about myself and I can tell you, two things, one, I’m not going to discuss my personal life with ANYONE during this campaign or any other. I’m a libertarian-Republican afterall, and if I don’t think the government should be judging how anyone lives their lives, then it makes no sense for me to agree to let people judge mine. Second, I have broken no laws and I have NEVER been fired from any job OR forced to resign. Every time I hear this nonsense it’s always in the form of “someone told me that they know someone who said they know it for a fact.” That’s the kind of unbelievable nonsense that people are trying to use against me. Double and triple hearsay. It profoundly stupid and it degrades the integrity of our electoral process.

    If Bobby Schilling is the better man for the job, then let him talk about why. Let’s hear where he stands on the tough issues and let’s see him out his plans into writing on his site for all to see like this

    The same goes for Bustos. She’s spent over a year having “listening tours” and blathering on about “solemn promises”. It’s time for her to step up and lead or save us all the trouble and go home.

    The next time you hear someone say that they don’t support me because of my baggage so “we have to get behind Bobby” tell them that you prefer to support a candidate with a clear solution to our health care, economic, immigration, and foreign policy crises. Tell that person that instead of talking about something they have no personal knowledge of, how about they tell you how Schilling or Bustos plan to solve those problems and then compare what they say to each of their records.

    When you go around saying these terrible things about me, I hope you will stop and think that I’m a real person. I knew politics was an ugly thing and that I was going to have to sacrifice a lot if I wanted the chance to make a difference, and I knew that the fact that I chose to actually enjoy my 20s would likely be an issue, but I never expected to have to deal with outright falsehoods like I have been.

    In closing, I’ll remind you that there is only one candidate in this race running on the concepts of less government, less war, more tolerance, and more liberty. I’m the only one talking about the issues and clearly stating where I stand. That’s the kind of leadership our district needs. Don’t fall for their games. In fact, let’s stop playing games all together and go win this thing.

    You may now resume the circular firing squad.

  14. Reyes is nothing more than an attention-whore. I really hope you post this, cause its true. Who can go from Democrat it Libertarian in a few short months?

  15. Obviously I disagree and I think Eric has made a convincing case as to why his party affiliation has shifted over time.

    But if your big thing is party ID rigidity, you’ll probably never be convinced.

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