Raging Bull

From an email by a reliable source who attended the RICO GOP meeting November 21:

“At the end of the meeting, Bill Albracht, who ran against Jacobs last year for IL Senate, stormed forward as someone was making a motion to dismiss the meeting and did the following: ‘I have in my hand a Robert’s Rules of Order censure for member Jonathan Wallace for disrupting and obstructing the progress of this group by not giving over the domain of ricogop.com. We have tried to reach him many times regarding this and he is refusing to talk to us like a little [expletive deleted]. We have taken this all the way to Tom Cross and Kevin Artl and they are just as frustrated with the situation as we are but were unable to do anything about it. So I ask that this group formally censure this member, have him banned from all things related to RICOGOP and he will not be working for the state party much longer.’.

“Chair, Mike Steffen, joined in the praise and necessity of this censure. After several questions from members of the audience it was determined that Jon would have no chance to defend himself since he was not present last night and it was approved by 75% of those in attendance…”

My correspondent says that Wallace is not even a member of the Rock Island County GOP. So in my view this episode has an air of political theatre—or scapegoating, at the least. Maybe it’s just to give catharsis to the hapless RICOGOP—lord knows they need some relief from their bumbling and fecklessness.

But further, this indicates to me that the Rock Island County Republican Party is just as undemocratic as the already widely known undemocratic Rock Island County Democrat Party.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

30 thoughts on “Raging Bull”

  1. This is almost as low as the RICO GOP membership after the Schillings took over. I guess this is why we don’t have any youth in the party. Warning, the GOP eats its own. Does Wallace even live in the area?

    “the progress of this group by not giving over the domain of ricogop.com”
    I thought a person that paid for the name owns it. Who paid for it? You can’t force someone to give up their property. Maybe the socialist GOP is not as far from liberals as we thought.

    Did they offer to buy the domain name? I’m not as savvy as some of the younger generation but something doesn’t sound right here.


  2. I just realized that Bill Albracht, who endorsed another candidate in the primary, made the motion. Jon Schweppe ran his campaign a few years ago but then left to work on Schillings campaign. Rumors surfaced (from Schweppe I assume) that this guy doesn’t really care for the younger generation getting involved in politics. Thats too bad.

  3. “Approved by 75% in attendance”

    More like unanimously. Also most of this isn’t accurate. Goodbye Jonathan.

  4. thescoundrel, I agree. I just realized that Mr.Wallace is not even member down there and doesn’t live in the area. They are attacking a nobody and look likes fools doing so.

    Yes, goodbye Mr.Wallace you are no longer allowed into the RICO GOP country club. Your elite membership has been revoked. Go run for office on the democrats side. (Oh wait, isn’t this a repeat of the Phil Banaszek republican to democrat spat)

    RICO GOP needs to focus on elections and helping all candidates instead of attacking our members. We keep repeating history!

  5. “I will make sure you never have a job in politics again!” Bobby Schilling to Jonathan Wallace at Mitt Romney political event.(In front of many spectators. Just ask the old party chair.)

    Guess the Schillings are using their pawns and doing what they said. Too bad they can’t focus on more important issues like their campaign and beating Cheri Bustos. If this silly bickering continues, all the candidates will have tough races.

  6. I’ve gone to rallies, tea party events and Town Hall meetings—and yet nothing ever seems to change. At one point I had hope for Republicans but Bills angry outburst last Thursday shows a problem that stems from internal leadership and personal rivalry. Bill, you are a better man. This is to be expected by a child or a Jacobs but not for a patriot like you.
    A website doesn’t bring in more people to volunteer or get our message out. People working together for something much greater help get our message out. In fact, I doubt the website has done anything but create problems, waste money, and valuable time.

  7. not paula: “Also most of this isn’t accurate.”

    Well do tell—what isn’t accurate? Don’t be a drive- by, hit and run troll—if something I posted isn’t accurate, I want to know what it is so I can correct it.


    Paula and Calderone nailed it for me; as per Paula “RICO GOP needs to focus on elections and helping all candidates instead of attacking our own members.”


    This is what I could never understand about this Morthland/Wallace kefuffle; the GOP is a seriously minority party in Rock Island County and Illinois so you would think the leadership would work to hoover up every available GOP vote they could in order to defeat Democrats—but no, rather than being disciplined like the Dems or attempting to smooth over differences, it’s all schoolyard bullying, name calling and middle school mind games.

    On the national level there seems to be some sort of fight over realignment and ideology, but I don’t see that at the RICO/IL level—it all just looks like petty politics to me.

    Does anyone really believe this is the path to victory for the RICO GOP?

  8. Listening to Bill’s angry outburst Thursday made me fear our future. It would be nice to have a Republican throwing some punches at democrats instead of each other. As they go back and forth, avoiding responsibility and pointing fingers, the general draws closer and Democrats sit back and wonder how they ended up with such inept rivals.

  9. If Mr. Wallace is no longer a member of RICOGOP what right does he have updating a RICOGOP web site about our activities? While we squabble Mr. Wallace sits in his chair laughing at us with our purchase price of $1500.00 in his coffers.

    I think it’s time to put the gloves down, Jonathon Wallace, either cough up the RICOGOP.COM or the $1500 YOU accepted for it.

    It’s time Mr. Wallace to KAKA or get off the POT.

    Besides Mr. Wallace, you have no right updating or making entries, changes or maintaining a web site for RICOGOP. You no longer belong! Your making entries would be a kin to Democrat Don Johnson doing our web site for us would it?

  10. I thought the website was an in-kind donation Walt? According to the Illinois State Board of Elections, he wouldn’t receive $1500.00. He donated $1500.00 worth of service to the party. No cash was exhanged. Only a donation of $1500.00 in service from his company. (http://www.elections.il.gov/downloads/campaigndisclosure/pdf/campdiscguide.pdf)

    According to Kevin Goveia, he can’t make changes to the website either because we have a new website. Judging from the A1 filing online, we received a donation of a website from Jonathan Wallace. Not a domain or hosting. (http://support.hostgator.com/articles/hosting-guide/what-is-the-difference-between-domains-vs-hosting-vs-website)

    Just buy a new domain and move on. What is the big deal and why are we threatening this kids’ job over this?

  11. A simple search shows that Matt Dewild owns RICOGOP.org, which is more fitting for an organization, so contact him. Or a simple goDaddy search shows RockIslandCountyGOP.com is available, as is GOPRICO.com, RICountyGOP.com, etc. And if Jonathan Wallace was smart enough to register the domain with his company, No Collar Media, then he has every right to sell it to the RICOGOP for whatever price he can get. Its real estate. Or should he just donate it for the “common good?” I say its his, he was smart enough to register in his name, and now he should get paid for it. Like I said, its real estate, if it was a building, no one would be having this conversation. Bill always gets his panties in a bunch.

  12. What I want to know is if Albracht exhibited the same energy and enthusiasm going after Jacobs as he has going after Wallace.

    If so, how did he lose by 10 points?

    I’ve asked this question to many people, but have yet to receive a satisfactory answer.

    UPDATE: From Spam Hell the fake Justin Andersen says “EVERYBODY lost in Illinois due to Obama.”

  13. Bill Albracht probably doesn’t understand how technology works. Lets not tear down yet another Republican member now. Isn’t going after one enough for us?

  14. Bill Albracht lost to Jacobs because our illustrious NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION indorsed Jacobs. I was in the front lines and had several conversations with David Keene of the NRA about indorsing Jacobs and Verschoore. They were too lazy to research the candidates as they should have and just went by old voting records. Jacobs was a coyote in NRA clothing. The NRA turned the uninformed gun kranks to Jacobs. There are millions of us in Illinois alone! But that’s another story.

    Bill only did what is right. Now let’s get back to work and get our conservatives elected. Everybody get on the NRA to indorse Neil Anderson instead of Jacobs the legislative Prize Fighter!!!

  15. Didn’t mean to turn this thread into an Albracht-bashing event, but at the time I left IL in August ’11, he seemed to be in a pretty good position. After I moved here, I found out he was way ahead in the polls, so I was truly shocked when I checked Election Day and discovered he had been defeated.

    I asked around to a few people I knew in the QCs but never got what I considered a straight answer.

    But Walt is right—-back to work to get the right—and Right people elected. Here’s hoping The Firefighter can hose down “the legislative Prize Fighter”. 😀

  16. Mr. Albracht lost his election because his campaign manager did a terrible job. Rumor has it the campaigned manager was fired and the polls showed he was so far ahead in the beginning that his campaign could just coast. Lets cut the guy some slack. At least he stepped up to run for office. This is why so many people leave and never come back to the GOP.

    The party leadership is a mess right now and his anger is being directed toward scapegoat Mr.Wallace. (The Schils already got rid of the Morthlands. Just ask our precinct committee men who made personal phone calls comparing Mrs.Morthland to Mrs.Bustos )

    Alot of the GOP drama is personal and being played out by pawns. People follow our leadership blindly and don’t even realize what is happening.

  17. Rock Island County GOP is way off message…it’s not “John Wallace” and “ricogop.com,” it’s “Obama” and “healthcare.gov.”

  18. QCE, Bill has a had rough couple months. Jacobs is notorious for having a GOTV machine. Remember Jacobs was 10pts down a mere days out against Boland? He just uses his resources better. No litmus test for knocking on doors for Jacobs.

    There is also a CapFax story mentioning how difficult he was for the last campaign manager (Rachel Bold – http://capitolfax.com/wp-mobile.php?p=17203&more=1). It was a good operation despite his bull in china cabinet reputation.

  19. So true BC—if the GOP can’t make massive gains by using Obamacare as a club against the Dems, they might as well give it up and go the way of the Whigs—and I don’t mean The Modern Whig Party, which I support.


    Thanks for the info and link aTG—the entire ’12 Illinois election cycle passed me by since I was in TX and only skimmed the headlines of the QCTimes and QCOnline for IL news.

  20. Bill Albracht is ruining our party. To bully Mr Wallace while Mr Schilling and Anderson let this go on. They even voted for censuring Mr Wallace.

    Think about it Mr Albracht and his gang censured a private citizen because he had something that Mr.Albracht wants.

    This is the kind of scary behavior that drove off voters from Albracht.

    Schilling and Anderson should distance themselves from this bully and apologize to Mr Wallace before this ruins their chances to take back these seats.

  21. Don’t all you righteous Republicans think it’s time to put this issue to bed and concentrate our EFFORTS for the next election. Just think of all the ingenuity that is wasted slamming several of our own while the Obongo party runs away with our supporters. WAKE UP EVERYBODY, TACKLE THE TASK AT HAND. WINNING ELECTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I’m not a “righteous Republican”, but it does no good to continue to sweep these deep and festering problems under the rug.

    I have been hearing about this stuff ever since I moved to Texas in ’11 and it seems to have only gotten worse.

    There has to be an open and honest discussion about these disagreements and I give credit to Paula Teaparty for being a bulldog on this by obtaining documents, gathering information, contacting lawyers, contacting and talking to the principles, etc. in order to finally get some clarity and finalization to this Wallace/ricocop.com kerfuffle.

    Until these issues are resolved nothing will change or improve.

  23. For the record, neither Bobby Schilling nor Neil Anderson were present at the time of the censure vote. Bobby was at the meeting for the first half and Neil was not there that night at all.

    According to the original post this account happened at the end of the meeting.

  24. Would please like an answer from Bob Schilling camp– why is a low level GOP staffer a concern? What specifically did he do and can’t Bob just fire him?

  25. Schilling and Anderson are the heads of the party and whether they were there or not it is their responsibility to stand up to party bullies and say no to bad behavior.
    They need to do this not for me but for the good of the party and their chances to take back our country.
    When bad behavior is accepted and we are told to put the issue to bed it is an insult to the American way.
    You can’t destroy people’s character and careers because you don’t agree with them.

  26. I think Mr wallace should address and face his accusers. Set them straight if that is what’s needed or make good with the people that feel they are being slighted.

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