What You Get When The Politburo Chooses Candidates

Although this was shocking to me, since I figured he would skate because of his political connections, it seems that even though he was personally chosen by Lane Evans to be State’s Attorney and his first campaign was run by Phil Hare, Jeff Terronez has been disbarred.

Don’t mess with little girls seems to be the message here—even if you are a powerfully connected Democrat in Rock Island County.

Go to the link to see the photo of Terronez strolling through what looks like a slum; the D-D had many photos to chose from, but this one nails it—-Slumdog Terronez gets what he deserves.

For once.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “What You Get When The Politburo Chooses Candidates”

  1. His biggest problem was he ain’t Billy Bob Clinton. If he had been the party would have rode to his rescue placing a white hat on top of his head for his misconduct.

  2. That whole episode was amazing; Terronez had been the RICO Golden Boy from the minute he became The Chosen One Of St. Lane Evans, so when Kilbride suddenly gave him the heave-ho by deleting him from one of his retention ads, I figured something was seriously amiss.

    Then when Lisa Madigan swooped down to personally conduct damage control for the local Dem Party, it was clear this was a whole ‘nother show where even routinely lockstepping Dems refused to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their wrong-doer.

    Yes, Terronez had seriously [bleeped] up so bad no one wanted to risk being associated with him—-kinda like now with the Dems and Obamacare. 😀

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