QCE Fan Fav Back From The Grave And Ready To Take On Schock

QCExaminer favorite from back in the day, Rob Mellon, has announced that he will be running against Aaron Schock as a Democrat in the 18th CD, and it’s no surprise that he is promoting the same A Pox On Both Their Houses policy that he did in comments to QCE.

A tasty quote:

“Whether you are a Republican or Democrat my message to you is that we can’t keep electing the same people into office and expect a different outcome…The only way, the only way to change things is to vote the incumbent Washington insiders out of office no matter the party.”

Obviously I don’t know anything about the 18th CD, but it would seem to me that Mellon would be a natural fit for the Tea Party, since Schock has been quite open about his disdain for “the fringe element”, as he calls them. Schock obviously believes he doesn’t need Tea Party support to win and has decided to join the Establishment Party.

I have a lot of affection for Mellon—I especially enjoyed debating history with him, and I wish him the best in winning a district that was gerrymandered by Democrats to keep Schock safe so he wouldn’t seek higher office.

Godspeed, Rob.


Author: qcexaminer

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2 thoughts on “QCE Fan Fav Back From The Grave And Ready To Take On Schock”

  1. This go-round I don’t think Mellon will be subjected to any “reindeer games” since the redistricting made Schock’s district even MORE GOP than it was. I think it is R+11 or something like that.

    Not sure if there is another Dem in the race for a primary, but the Dems have about the same chance winning the 18th as the GOP has taking control of Rock Island County. 😀

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