I Feel A Great Disturbance In The Force

Mike Smiddy, Democrat 71st District Representative, is the first Democrat to back a proposal to take legislative redistricting out of the hands of politicians.

Sez Smiddy:

“I believe the voters of Illinois should be able to choose their elected officials, not the other way around.”

What a brave thing for a representative to say in a district that has been controlled by Democrats for decades—except for the Morthland hiccup.

Of course, those who have benefited from the status quo are not happy. Specially Selected Illinois Senator Mike Jacobs:

“I think it’s a very simplistic solution to something that maybe not even be a problem…I think it is Republican led and their biggest problem is they don’t have enough voters.”

Well, maybe true enough, but does Jacobs think Smiddy is a Republican?

As Hillary would say, what difference does it make? Jacobs is the beneficiary of the status quo and he will fight change to the death—or until his son is old enough to take over the Jacobs Legacy Senate Seat.

Pathetic, really.

And bravo to Smiddy for putting the interests of the people over his own interests and the interests of the entrenched Democrat Party in Rock Island County.

Or maybe he’s just running scared from his GOP challengers.

Either way, it’s the right thing to do.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on “I Feel A Great Disturbance In The Force”

  1. Feisty GOP Smiddy challenger Mike McKinley pulls no punches saying Smiddy is late to the game of being on the “right side of history”.

    But McKinley wasn’t done—oh, no:

    “Hopefully, Mr. Smiddy will soon realize the error of some of his other Left-wing, entrenched power politics and abandoned his quest for a massive tax hike on Illinois’ middle class.”

    That would be the “progressive tax” that Big Labor has been agitating for.

    Gawd, I love that guy!

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