Prove Yourself, You Are The Steps You Take….

to #BeatBobbyBustos


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

7 thoughts on “Prove Yourself, You Are The Steps You Take….”

  1. Posting four crumpled up signature sheets on Facebook with two weeks to go? Good Lord. Reyes is in trouble.

    By the way, this is the type of thing QCExaminer of years past would typically mock. I’m struggling to figure out how innocuous Schilling Facebook posts are worthy of your scorn, while this piece of work is somehow inspirational?

  2. One of the few regrets I have in leaving Illinois is that I can’t effectively work for Reyes because he represents the future of the GOP.

    So many people hate politicians because they campaign on one thing, then when they get power, they vote for what the establishment wants. This is Schilling’s problem—he campaigned to defund Obamacare, but when he had to vote on it—he voted to fund it. He’s a weak GOPer in a Democrat-gerrymandered district. Schilling thinks he can be Democrat-lite and win.

    Eric Reyes has a whole ‘nother idea.

  3. Four sheets? I didn’t feel like taking a whole lot of time to try to count, but I definitely counted at least nine sheets there.

    He also said that’s how many sheets he filled that day. I also saw some supporters of his posting about how many signatures they got as well. Since when is sharing the fact that one person collected at least 135 signatures in a single day a sign of being “in trouble”.

    I think this is just more evidence of Schillingites crapping themselves at the thought of having to actually square off against Reyes in the primary. Can you imagine how those debates would go? I’m sure Bobby does just that every time his comments from last election regarding the undemocratic nature of petition challenges is brought up.

  4. Reyes is doing very good! I was approached by several people throughout the 17th to sign his petitions. The only
    “piece of work” I see is the Bobby Schilling issue page. What does he stand for this election?

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