I Hereby Pledge To Suckle Only One Taxpayer Teat

Yesterday GOPer Neil Anderson announced his candidacy for Illinois Senate District 36 and issued this unintentionally hilarious statement in a press release:

“On day one, I will refuse to accept the pension and healthcare perks offered to state legislators…”

Don’t think this is some noble sacrifice on Anderson’s part—he’s already sucking taxpayer $$$$ for pension and healthcare as a Moline firefighter.

But still, even though Anderson’s pledge is weaselly, I suppose it is an improvement over his opponent Mike Jacobs who has at least two pensions due and so Anderson ought to be applauded, rather than mocked.

But you know how I am.

The account in the Dispatch-Democrat contained the usual error that Jacobs was “elected” in ’04 when in fact he was selected by his daddy and three of this daddy’s cronies in 2005. If you repeat a lie often enough, etc. etc.

Bobby Schilling was also on hand for the festivities and according to the D-D, Schilling said “We’ll do everything we can to help [Anderson] get elected.”

Schilling did everything he could to help Anderson get elected last year when he ran against Pat Verschoore.

How’d that work out?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

6 thoughts on “I Hereby Pledge To Suckle Only One Taxpayer Teat”

  1. This is the same Neil Anderson that was paid to run by Schillings What carrot is the Schilling group dangling now? I wouldn’t be surprised if they run his campaign out of Schillings office.

    Anderson has the look but lacks the brain power to do this on his own. Neil was vague on the issues in the last election and had some major difficulties understanding political issues.(Typical of a Schilling candidate) Someone must of made a deal somewhere to get this poor guy to run against Mike Jacobs.

    Maybe he will do better this election.

  2. Maybe it’s lucky the GOP actually found someone to run against Jacobs.

    Reading all the blather at the D-D link, everyone talked about how this was the last best chance to win this district.

    I gotta disagree. Last year was the year to send Mike to his daddy’s lobbying firm.

    Jacobs had just voted for a massive tax increase, he had just had that dust-up with McCarter with the unfortunate connection between Mike, Mike’s daddy’s lobbying business and daddy’s lobbying clients being front and center.

    Didn’t Albracht campaign on all this tax and spend, culture of corruption stuff?

    At one point I had heard that Albracht was way ahead in the polls, then the next thing I knew he went down in flames by 10 points. What the hell happened? All that stuff is way in the past now and non-issues, so what is Anderson going to run on? That he only has one taxpayer funded pension and Jacobs has two? Jeez! Talk about a wasted opportunity in ’12.

    Reading the account in the D-D was just depressing; except for Rodogno, all the participants were losers—what a crew!

    But still, you have a point Paula—let’s hope Anderson learned something from his defeat last year.

  3. Paula,

    Who do you support in the coming elections then? I’d love to hear some ideas from you.
    Ed. Note: This comment has been heavily edited.

  4. “In the past, Jacobs was lucky to have won the sperm and egg lottery and to have Potemkin challengers, but now he’s going to discover what being in a political fight really means—and he’s going to get it good and hard.”
    – QCEXAMINER, a year ago

    After Illinois Senator Mike Jacobs gave it “good and hard” to your hero Bill Albert, do you really think Neil Anderson has a prayer???


  5. “Albert” isn’t my hero, and if you had read my previous comments you would know that if “Albert” couldn’t defeat Jacobs with his voting to raise taxes 67%, making a fool of himself by attacking McCarter, being the poster boy for Illinois Culture of Corruption with his daddy’s lobbying , etc. it ain’t gonna happen in ’14 either.

    My opinion was Jacobs had a chance to be defeated in ’12—in ’14 not so much.

    I gave the Illinois electorate too much credit when I made my comment you quoted and honestly, I should have known better—any electorate that would vote for Blago twice would obviously vote Marvelous Mike another term.

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