Workers Of The Nation, Unite!

For a long time I have been disgruntled over the fact that neither the Democrats nor Republicans represent the interests of “the people”. Instead they promote the interests of the well-connected, powerful, wealthy special interests.

The Scoundrel said it best:

“My personal feelings are that the problems with the two party system is that it is not representative of the people that live in this country.”

So true.

But fortunately, help is on the way from Mike Lee who is promoting four ways Republicans can appeal to the working class, saying “Candidates need policy ideas that address the concerns of ordinary voters”:

1. Simplify and reduce the tax rates and offer a $2500 per-child credit

2. Allow employees to work overtime to take comp time or flex time in lieu of pay

3. Lower federal gas tax giving power to states and localities

4. States should accredit online courses on and off campus.

OK, so Big Labor would have a cow—but that’s a good thing.

Bobby Schilling has said his run for congress is all about “fighting for the middle class”. Will he promote Mike Lee’s ideas—or something else?

Or nothing at all?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Workers Of The Nation, Unite!”

  1. Actually I like all those suggestions. Though they do setup their own cause/effect problems to solve. I especially like option #2. I have worked 6o-70 hour weeks many times over the years and several times would have gladly given up overtime pay for time off instead. Heck I often gained little as Big Government raped me for the increase with higher tax rates. The difficult part would be there are many unscrupulous employers would use the option to force or swindle workers out of overtime pay – especially in the food service industry.

  2. Heck even famous Italian Chef Mario Batalli got caught up in a worker pay scandal. The food service industry is infamous for trying to cheat its employees out of overtime. A favorite trick is to stagger hours over a 2-week pay period and running a worker overtime one week, while shorting them the same amount of hours the next week. Then some of the unscrupulous will then try and tell the worker they only averaged 40 hours a week in an attempt not to pay them overtime for the week they did work overtime. That is not the law. You can’t average a two week pay-period in order to avoid overtime. Not only do some employers try it, some employees don’t understand their rights when it comes to overtime or anything else for that matter.

    ps thanks for the link. 🙂

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