Unfinished Business

In a series of interviews Nancy Pelosi set out her agenda in the event the Democrats gain control of the House:

1. …comprehensive affordable, quality childcare for working mothers

2. …comprehensive immigration reform

3. …combat the climate crisis

4. …create jobs and strengthen the middle class

5. …[Washington Redskins] change their name.

Hey, you don’t have to be detached from reality to be a Democrat, but it helps!

As per #l, does anyone really think “comprehensive, affordable, quality childcare” will be any more successful than comprehensive affordable quality Obamacare? Quality? Affordable? Both? Not enough money on the planet to make that happen. And what about working fathers? Oh yeah, forgot—they are oppressors who deserve NOTHING!

#2. I’m sure the Democrats “can’t wait” for all those new undocumented Democrat voters in ’16. Amnesty is NOT popular with the public, but then, neither is any of the liberal agenda.

#3 Yeah, the Democrats need another vote on Cap and Tax since that worked out so well for Phil Hare and other Democrats when they voted for this anti-science scam.

#4 Too bad the entire Obama agenda, including but especially Obamacare hurts the middle class. If Pelosi/Reid/Obama had a plan to “create jobs” they would have proposed something by now. As it is, the only jobs the Dems are interested in is taxpayer-funded public sector jobs.

#5 As for the Redskins “controversy”, personally I don’t give a damn since I don’t care about sports, but Mr.Examiner suggests they call themselves The Washington Rednecks because rednecks don’t give a hoot about all that identity politics/politically correct bullsh*t.

But all my bloviation has a practical QC application too. Cheri Bustos should be asked early and often about how she would vote on Pelosi’s leftwing wacko wish list, and how Bustos would propose to pay for “comprehensive affordable, quality childcare” for women only, if she is for amnesty, if she would support Cap and Tax like Hare, and explain how Obamacare “creates jobs and strengthens the middle class”—and hey, how ’bout them Redskins?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “Unfinished Business”

  1. Pelosi means cheap childcare for the elite. Her ilk have illegals for nannies and gardeners, and are more comfortable keeping them slaving away “in the shadows” of their own homes, despite their rhetoric of amnesty. Just as they keep blacks “on the Democrat plantation”, the elite prefer a servant class that will forever vote for the phony Democrat promises. Or for illegals, it is another club with which to beat those “racist” tea partiers.

    This guy grew up in corrupt leftist controlled Brazil, and comments (at the link) on the hope he sees in tea party types, though he has never been here. But this quote from Rodrigo reminds me of how Democrats keep power here.

    – a crushing tax burden that sustain a permanent dependent underclass of favelados in welfare ensures the populists remain eternally in power and that any semblance upward mobility is quickly “corrected”.

    Yeah … forcing lower middle class that can barely afford insurance, to subsidize their neighbors, that really helps the middle class. Like everything with Obama, the Orwellian promises are always the opposite of reality. sheesh …

  2. I’m not really sure how “quality, affordable” childcare for all (wymyn) would look since it has been a long time since this idea was floated—maybe the 70s? 80s?

    My guess is rather than a vehicle to aid illegals, it would be more a sop to Big Labor, since I’m sure all these “quality, affordable” babysitters would have to join a union—and we all know what unions do for “quality” and “affordable”. šŸ˜€

  3. 1 – Doesn’t Obamacare supposedly take care of the childrenuntil they are 26?

    2-4 You can’t know what kind of Frankenstein Monster you have created until after you passed the bill – decades after you pass the bill. šŸ™„

    5 – The Government has much bigger problems to worry about that nicknames of a professional sports team. Though if the team is actually considering a new moniker – for generous compensation I would allow them the use of my name as the Washington theScoundrels. Hey it even fits the region. šŸ™‚

  4. This is something that never made sense to me: put a bunch of 26 year olds on their parents insurance policies but count on a bunch of young people to sign on to Obamacare to prop up the geezers.

    Obviously some of that lefty logic!

    OK, the Washington Scoundrels is enticing, but I’m still going for The Washington Rednecks!

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