Why Is Cheri Bustos Taking Money From Hate Groups?

As I mentioned yesterday, Ted Cruz is now getting death threats from a man named Troy Gilmore, Jr. who has given out Cruz’s home address and has exhorted his fellow unhinged leftwing wackos to go to Cruz’s home and attack him. This is hardly surprising considering all the violent eliminationist rhetoric out there falsely blaming Cruz for the entire shutdown debacle.

But what is more pathetic—and disturbing, is that 17th CD Dem Rep. Cheri Bustos has been taking campaign money from the very people who have been calling for violence against Cruz.

According to the Daily Caller, Gilmore’s Facebook page is filled with threatening unhinged hateful rants against Cruz containing links to websites paid for by the DNC, DCCC and a Democrat colleague of Bustos, Rep. Brad Schneider.

Bustos has received financial backing from the DCCC and possibly the others as well. If she honestly cares about civil discourse and is against violence to Cruz and his children; if she has any sense of honor, ethics and civility, she will denounce this hate speech from these Democrat hate groups and return the money she has received from them.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “Why Is Cheri Bustos Taking Money From Hate Groups?”

  1. She is very well connected in the “machine”. This does not come as a surprise. If Schilling wins the primary he will have trouble in the general.

  2. Ok, so one whacko has links to the DCCC on his website, and that makes the DCCC a hate group? So, I guess if Tim McVeigh were around and he had links to the RCCC, the RCCC would be a hate group? Girl, this is even a stretch for you….And I aint no bustos fan. But this is ridiculous.

  3. SC if you believe that, you must have slept through the entire leftwing Palin! Tea Party! Right Wing Eliminationist Rhetoric shot Gabby Giffords hysteria and blame game.

    Bustos is taking money from an outfit that is saying and doing more than Palin ever did.

    Get a freakin’ clue.

    PS: I don’t believe for a minute you “ain’t no bustos fan.” Get real or get out.

  4. Of all the crazies out there I have read t he most physically and vocally violent have been among the true believers of the Progressive Movements .I still have some of their vitriol I copied that was posted on places as diverse as the Democratic Underground and even locally from the Quad City Times.

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