Neville Chamberlain Schilling

A victim of bad timing, Bobby Schilling decided to do an op-ed on the virtues of compromise just days before the entire legislative GOP caucus caved to Obama and the Democrats.

Prescient, no?

I’m sure the word “compromise” polls well, but when the GOP has to deal with a POTUS and Democrat Party who flat-out refuse to negotiate or compromise, why promote looking like a patsy as a sure-fire winner? Whether we like it or not, Obama will be president until 2016 unless he can figure out a way to extend his term by executive order.

Go to the link for the full op-ed, but here is a sample of Bobby’s out-of-touch “reality”:

“In order to reopen the government and avoid default, were I back in Congress, I would vote for a so-called ‘clean bill’ if the president would compromise….”

This bit of fantasy in view of the fact that Obama has said over and over he WOULD NOT compromise, especially on the carve outs given to his special interests and donors, indicates Schilling is completely detached from reality—which the even-as-we-speak vote in the House and Senate will prove.

Then there was this bit of Schilling drivel:

“As a former congressman, I know both sides need to compromise…” except for the Democrats, who feel no such need, since they put winning above such airy-fairy concepts as “compromise”.

Yes, a Congressman Schilling would be more than happy to bring a knife to a Democrat gunfight.

Who wouldn’t vote for total capitulation in the face of an implacable foe? I’m guessing Schilling thinks Democrats would be happy to vote for a push-over like Schilling rather than a liar and deceiver like Cheri Bustos who voted NOT to fund the government in order to save the “total train-wreck” of Obamacare and acts like it is The Other who is to blame.

Of course, like Obama and all Democrats, Bustos knows the establishment press has her back and will not call her out on her lies.

So she is able to call this a “reckless government shutdown” without acknowledging her part in the recklessness.

A sweet deal, if you can get it, so Schilling is left surrendering to these moral cowards because polling data told him it is a sure vote-getter—or what?


Author: qcexaminer

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2 thoughts on “Neville Chamberlain Schilling”

  1. If nothing else, it appears Schilling is poised to march lockstep with the rest of the Illinois House GOP delegation; all except Hultgren voted the way Obama, the Democrats and the establishment press wanted—in other words, total capitulation.

    But for the first time in my adult life, I’m proud of my DC delegation—Cornyn, Cruz and Smith all voted against it; my former Illinois delegation the Dick Durbin, Kirk and Bustos all voted for it.

    This vote also seems to signal the end of Reagan’s 11th Commandment. Some comments from two Illinois House GOPers after the vote:

    Kinzinger blamed House conservatives and said “It’s been about 30 people that make their money on not hanging with the team. And so that’s on them.”

    Obama must be so proud he has a new little parrot to smear the GOP—hating on conservatives is now bipartisan! Obama really is bringing people together!

    Here’s Aaron Schock, a politician I once admired:

    “The lesson of the episode was that Boehner should cut out the far-right
    flank and work with centrist Democrats.”

    What centrist Democrats? The House Dems are even more radical than the Senate Dems.

    Overall, a very sad episode for the future of the GOP and the fiscal health of our country—but at least now the County Club Republicans can feel good about themselves because they are parroting the same talking points about their party as Obama, Schumer, the Dick and other leftwing hacks.

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