A Two State Solution

Soon Illinois will begin issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. What will be required from these undocumented Democrats is:

1. Make an appointment with the license branch—one is in Silvis, where Phil Hare’s daughter works

2. Bring documents comfirming their address for the prior year

3. Provide proof of insurance

4. Take written and road test

5. Pay $30 fee and license will be sent in the mail.

What I—a born in the USA kinda girl–had to provide to the Texas DMV in
order to get a Texas driver’s license:

1. Original valid driver’s license issued by the State O’ Illinois

2. Certified copy of birth certificate. Mr. Examiner made the mistake of bringing his original birth certificate and was rejected—he had to order one from the State O’ Illinois before Texas would accept it

3. Original Social Security card

4. Proof of car insurance

5. Proof of Texas registration for all vehicles

6. Vehicle inspection by approved inspector

7. $25

Texas is not one of the 10 states that allow illegals to get a driver’s license—Texas has enough legal immigrants so that they don’t need to pander and recruit illegals, which Illinois obviously does.

After the last census, Texas gained 4 congressional seats—Illinois lost one and would have lost more if not for the Hispanics. Pandering to illegals is a matter of life and death for Illinois since the middle class is fleeing the state like rats from a sinking ship.

The primary reason illegals are deported in Illinois is because they are caught driving without a valid license—can’t have unfortunate deportation of potential voters, can you Illinois?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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