Quote Of The Day

Bobby Schilling:

“I’m the pizza guy and a dad. It’s not fun being in Congress, but I only have to look into the eyes of my kids and look at all the liberals ruining our country and it’s pretty easy to step into the race again.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day”

  1. This direct quote was so absurd and hokey i.e. I’m the pizza guy, it’s no fun being in congress, when I look in my kid’s eyes, etc. I figured it was a hoax, so I “reached out” to the Schilling campaign for verification, but since I didn’t hear back from them, I figured it was legit.

    Yeah, vote for Bobby Schilling and give him a job that’s “no fun” is brilliant campaign strategy.

    What a hoot! Bobby must have employed Phil Hare’s campaign manager. 😀

  2. Is it me, or is Bobby trying to go even FARTHER right this campaign? Does he really think that will work in this district?!

  3. Thanks for your comment NN, it was something I hadn’t considered before.

    Bobby’s statements in Henderson County seemed so bizarre and unnatural, I didn’t know what to think about them except “hey, that’s weird”, but you are right—liberal bashing in the ’14 campaign is a loser.

    It was fine in ’10 because Hare was a flaming liberal, but Bustos is so moderate the liberals are itching to get her out so they can get a “real” progressive in the 17thCD. For now, of course, nobody wants to deal with the 800 lb. gorilla known as The Dick Durbin.

    Also the lame shtick of “I’m the pizza guy with 10 kids” passed its expiration date in ’12 when he campaigned in the NEW!IMPROVED!GERRYMANDERED FOR DEMOCRATS! 17CD.

    Maybe Bobby thought he could get away with this hokum because he was in the boonies, but unfortunately for him, the intertubes thingee exists and I saw the link on CapFax, which has a state-wide audience.

    This sort of rookie behavior is really astounding since this isn’t Schilling’s first rodeo—it’s his third. He doesn’t need to be babbling this nonsense about “I’m the pizza guy and a dad”, he needs to pound out the message about why he deserves another chance and what his plan is to help the hapless buggers in the 17th CD.

    His wacky behavior in Henderson County indicates to me that even though he has been campaigning since ’09 (at least) he currently is not ready for prime time.

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