“Democracy Is The Theory That The Common People Know What They Want, And Deserve To Get It Good And Hard”

Back in February 2011 Dem Rep. Pat Verschoore offered up a bill that would have allowed county government to build courthouses without the permission of voters. Needless to say, that bill was shot down pronto, with Verschoore whining that it wasn’t his doing he was just the puppet of Judge O’Connor.

Verschoore was re-elected overwhelmingly last year and so he is back at it with no fear of voter backlash.

Per the Dispatch-Democrat:

“State Representative Pat Verschoore (D-Hack), has introduced a bill that would allow the Rock Island County Board to build a new courthouse and borrow to cover the expense without asking permission from voters.”

I have never understood how or why the Democrats let the courthouse decay without lifting a finger to repair it. Democrats have controlled county government for over 40 years so essentially the courthouse is the Democrat Party office building housing elected officials, their family and friends who benefit from patronage jobs.

On the other hand, it is understandable that those union raises and perks won’t fund themselves, so tough decisions must be made: reward powerful special interests or fund projects for the common good.

Or maybe it’s not a tough call after all.

Either way the citizens are up at arms over this, but this is exactly the person they voted for over and over. The GOP had two decent candidates for the 72nd last year, but the general dysfunction of the party and the desire of Bobby Schilling to be king-maker split the party with the unfortunate result of another two years of Verschoore. So last year there were two GOP candidates, but now there are none.

But at least Rock Island County will be getting the government they deserve—good and hard.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

11 thoughts on ““Democracy Is The Theory That The Common People Know What They Want, And Deserve To Get It Good And Hard””

  1. #BeatBobbyBustos—Really? 🙂

    And who is Michael(?) Woods?

    Do tell! Is he #BeatBobbyBustos approved? 😀

  2. Is this why they call us the circular firing squad? It’s too bad. I did not know that primary was so nasty until I heard the Schillings talking about it.

    Spoiler* they don’t like Wallace

  3. Wallace stole a volunteer list, placed Morthland signs on our territory and is not pro-life. According to Bobby’s wife he has done some shady stuff to mess up our campaign.

  4. B3 = Beat Bobby Bustos. I heard someone say that, the other day. And I think his name’s Michael Woods, he’s an educator out of Rock Island / Davenport who decided to throw his hat in the ring.

  5. Thanks for the info Werner and here’s hoping someone comes forward to successfully challenge Mike “Fists O Fury” Jacobs since Albracht couldn’t git ‘er done.

  6. That’s really good news Paula because unlike Albracht, Anderson is at least an experienced campaigner with some name recognition.

    Jacobs has a ton of negatives so his defeat ought to be doable—go Anderson!

  7. Here’s the The Dispatch-Democrat account of Anderson’s announcement, and as usual, they just can’t help themselves puffing up Jacobs with this lie: “Sen. Jacobs first was elected to the Illinois Senate in 2004″.

    Um, no he wasn’t. He was selected (not elected) by his daddy in 2005 to take over the hereditary Jacobs seat in the Senate.

    Don’t they have any fact checkers left at the D-D?

  8. Experienced campaigner? What percentage of the vote did he get again? Neil is not cut out for state politics. This guy hasn’t been on so much as a park board! He has no idea how the politcal process works, has no connections in his own party, is a union member, and will collect a pension that he doesn’t support! The Quad Cities needs to relish in the fact that our representatives in Springfield having recognition and respect is what brings state money to this area. @qcexaminer…..you think he has more name recognition than Albracht?! Seriously? At least he has a formidable history of public service, is tied to civic organizations, and is an honest man. Mr. Anderson is out for himself and is a small time politician. Maybe he should consider running for city council or county board to get some valid experience first, establish a real view of the political process, and run on something solid. I would have much more respect for him after showing me his true colors. He would be no more than a Republican party puppet.

  9. I didn’t mean to denigrate Albracht; what I was saying is that while both Albracht and Anderson were relatively unknowns in ’12, Anderson ran a campaign that entailed all or part of the 36th, so he is a known entity, at least in part of the district now.

    Before ’12 neither Albracht nor Anderson had been in campaigns—now Anderson has been in one.

    Don’t know either Anderson of Albracht personally.

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