Cheri Bustos Or Barack Obama?

“Tonight the Washington political games reached new heights as some in Congress put partisanship over the people they were elected to represent and forced a shutdown of the government…Unfortunately, radical ideology won the day…Since the day I was sworn into office, I have been committed to working with those I disagree with…but it will require some of my stubborn colleagues to drop their political grandstanding, come together, and put the country first for a change.”

Breathtaking in its audacity, ain’t it? So it’s a tough call whether it is the demagogue Bustos or the demagogue Obama who famously voted AGAINST raising the debt ceiling when he was Senator, calling it a failure of leadership—or something. Whatever.

However, I’m confident you can easily guess the answer to my question.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Cheri Bustos Or Barack Obama?”

  1. So true ricogop and she makes my head think I’m hearing Obama talking points parroted by someone too weak to stand up and explain her vote to defund the government and instead play the same lame blame game—all the while avoiding responsibility for her own actions.

    She’s Barack Obama with two X chromosomes!

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