“Thou Shalt Not Speak Ill Of Any Fellow Republican”

Prior to announcing her bid for re-election as comptroller, Judy Baar-Topinka made this observation:

“The right, if it insists on its own ideology, depending on the issue, it’s either my way or the highway…It could split the party in such a way that it could not come together for a victory”

It is always annoying to hear any Republican mindlessly parrot Democrat talking points as JBT just did, but what an amazing level of hypocrisy she has achieved by bashing conservatives out of one side of her mouth while whining about coming “together for a victory” out of the other. Yeah, that Judy—she’s a uniter, not a divider!

On the other hand, it is probably unfair to call JBT a Republican when she has been a long-standing member of the Establishment Party. Normally bashing your party’s base would bring election disaster (i.e. Jon Huntsman), but JBT has nothing to fear—she has been a Springfield fixture for decades so her return to power is a slam-dunk.

In the linked article, she mentions gay marriage as a topic to be avoided by the GOP at all costs, but even if the GOP does avoid Culture War issues you can bet the Dems and their allies in the press will hammer them over and over. Democrats know they can’t win on economic issues so the Illinois Dems will pull out the Obama playbook from last year and bash whatever GOPers are running for being mean to women, gays—whatever it takes for them to “come together for a victory.”

Meanwhile, those stalwarts in the Establishment Party will blame powerless conservatives for any electoral disaster in Illinois–which is like blaming slavery on the slaves.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

7 thoughts on ““Thou Shalt Not Speak Ill Of Any Fellow Republican””

  1. Interesting read. I find the title even more interesting. Eric Reyes brought up that same quote at the Reagan BBQ when speaking.

  2. Thanks werner—speaking of the Reagan BBQ, do you know of any video that exists of Reyes’ remarks there or at any other event?

    I’d like to see what he looks like on the stump.

  3. It looks like Reyes uploaded a video of his Reagan BBQ speech

    It sounds pretty good. Especially if that was off the cuff.

    I really wish there was actual video of him addressing the crowd though.

  4. Thanks for the link LV—Reyes spoke with force and feeling and even got some applause from a crowd that was likely pro-Schilling.

    Like you, I hope the Reyes campaign will produce some video of him in action.

  5. Reyes’s congressional Facebook page said that they expect to have video up today of a speech he gave recently. Not sure if it’ll be on YouTube or his Facebook page or the campaign website or what.

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