(Not) Polls Apart

In an obvious attempt to create news, CapFax’s Rich Miller paid for a poll by We Ask America to gauge the Bustos v. Schilling contest for 17th CD.

The results were hardly earthshaking; the two candidates, with similar moderate voting records polled a horse-racy neck and neck—Bustos 45, Schilling 44 (+/-). This poll was of around 1500 registered voters with a breakdown of 37% Dems, 24% GOP and 39% Indy, which seemed high to me—are there really more independents in the 17th than Dems?

Miller went into whining victim mode when Schilling released this poll without giving him credit, although Miller was more than happy to leak the DCCC oppo research book on Schilling. The Schilling campaign “reached out” to Miller and apologized, which is why I could never work for a political campaign; I would have made Miller apologize FIRST.

Miller must have $$$ to burn if he is paying for polls like this more than a year away from elections—how accurate could a poll be 12 months from election? Not very—this is obviously a news generator in a slow news cycle in Springfield.

More interesting to me than Bustos v. Schilling is the incredibly low approval rating for Pat Quinn (22) and Obama (43). Looks like President Lightbringer’s bulb is burning out and Bustos won’t be riding his coattails to victory!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

12 thoughts on “(Not) Polls Apart”

  1. Response to what? A poll that didn’t include him? A poll that offered the (un)startling fact that Bustos=Schilling, which even I could figure out from Texas?


  2. Yesterday I visited Capital Fax to see the full story and saw that among the usual back and forth drivel of Bobby Bustos supporters, there were a couple comments about Reyes. One just asking for any info on a race including him and another saying that they’d prefer to see him face Bustos and assumed he’d fare far better.

    Earlier today I decided to chime in with my own opinion as to why I thought Reyes’s libertarian message would do better in the 17th than Bobby’s dem-lite drivel. It was essentially a summary of what has been said here on the subject. Well lo & behold, if you check now, ALL mention of Reyes has been removed from the comments!

    I’m sorry, but that can only mean one thing in my mind. Rich Miller, and other dems willing to face reality, drop loads when they have to think about how Bustos could possibly hope to win against Reyes.

    Both the big money campaigns are running scared, and this election is going to be fun to watch.

    Hopefully Reyes is prepared to deal with the onslaught of personal attacks certain to come his way based on his past personal life.

  3. Schilling will wipe the floor with Reyes 93 Schilling 5 Reyes and 2 undecided.
    Reyes is a Democrat/ Independent/ Republican. He will not even get enough signatures to run which is the reason he switched from Democrat to Independent.

    Reyes won’t even run in the end but if he does my numbers will ring true.

    Bob’s for jobs will again be the Republican candidate and the sooner you get behind Bobby the better it will be for your site.

  4. LV I checked just now at CapFax and around 7pm last night a comment got through asking about how Reyes v. Bustos polled. I’m sure Miller has no intention of answering that—I doubt that he even included Reyes in the poll.

    Miller is basically the mouthpiece for the Springfield establishment and the majority of comments on his Bustos/Schilling post were inane in the extreme—most of his commenters were in a tizzy because Miller’s feelings were hurt by Schilling not giving him a mention up front.


    You are right about the campaign being fun to watch, though.


    Julie could you explain to me why you and other Schillingites are pushing back so hard on Reyes if what you said in your comment above is true?

    I have never been able to figure that out. In the ’10 campaign, Schilling paid not one bit of attention to that Roger guy from Quincy, so why is Reyes causing so much frenzy?

    I also don’t get your veiled threat that “the sooner you get behind Bobby, the better it will be for your site.” I’m not exactly doing this for the money. But further, Bobby doesn’t need me now—he has his donors, his campaign people and a devoted group of workers, so I figured when he defeated Hare my job was done as far as Schilling was concerned.

    This is why I’m more interested in the Reyes campaign—although I doubt I can do much for him. It will be interesting to see how his libertarian message resonates in the district—which BTW I agree with more than Republicanism/conservatism, and how much he can get done in winning over Hispanics to him and his views. I noticed today he has added a Facebook page entirely in Spanish (or maybe it was his website—can’t remember now), which is something neither Bustos nor Schilling has done. In my view, Reyes is the wave of the future. Whether or not he will have success in the race in this election cycle—I have no idea, but he is far more interesting to me than Schilling.

    Yes, I understand he has some problems and challenges, but I am still drawn to how his campaign will unfold.

    I hope you can at least understand that.

  5. Hate to be a tar in the feather, but if this is the same Jon Schweppe I get in my emails from Bobby’s campaign, that attitude has got to go. I’ve enjoyed reading this blog on the road and find myself agreeing with the sentiments about Bobby. I contributed money and time to his election but am finding his move to the left irritating. I will vote for the Republican nominee over Cheri Bustos or Phil Hare, and expect any good conscious conservative to do the same.

  6. Clark, don’t know if that was the “real” Jon Schweppe or not. I hope not, but for some reason it is more difficult for me to weed out sock puppets now than before.

    I hope I can remedy this fault—pronto.

  7. After some checking I determined the above Jon Schweppe is indeed a faux Jon Schweppe and has been dispatched to Spam Hell along with his faux comment.

    Gimme a break here people and knock off the sock puppetry; I’ve only resumed blogging for a couple months and already this stuff is getting tiresome.

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