Declaration of Independence

It has come to my attention that Bobby Schilling is telling people that in my two year absence from blogging, QCE has been taken over by Eric Reyes. Since I returned to blogging in July I have made my reasons clear why I no longer support Schilling, but contrary to his statements and rumors, just because I am no longer Schilling’s head cheerleader doesn’t mean QCE has been seized by a rival political campaign.

I certainly understand why he would want to discredit me and delegitimize QC Examiner, but shame on Bobby Schilling and his minions for either being so completely detached from reality or just flat-out lying.

Even the thuggish Phil Hare never used tactics like this—at least threatening me with kneecapping was open, honest and direct.

Schilling’s attempt to virtual kneecap me—lame.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

10 thoughts on “Declaration of Independence”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that. He’s tried to discredit my website because he says it’s run by Reyes as well. Schilling will do whatever it takes to get the people to think you’re anything but legitimate. You probably saw with the JW campaign, B. Morthland’s loss to Steffen for RICOGOP Chairwoman, and you’ll see that with Reyes, now.

  2. Werner when I first found out what Schilling was saying about me and QCE, my initial reaction was shock, then anger, then feeling incredibly stupid for being blindsided—even though I knew what Team Schilling was capable of. and now—I’m just disgusted.

    Maybe later I’ll be amused, but I ain’t there yet.


    S, that was an inspired and brilliant video selection for this post—bravo!

    Bobby Schilling=Fidel Castro? Why didn’t I think of that? 😀

  3. You’ve been taken over by the former democrat who received .00003% of the vote? Ha!

    How full of yourself do you have to be not take credit for your own misgivings…oh wait, you just full enough to run for congress.


  4. ricogop, I think you’re setting the bar way too high for being “full of yourself”.

    How about a guy who runs a pizza parlor with no political experience running for congress?

    And winning.

  5. Hey everybody. I’m really sorry I pissed down my leg a safe republican district. But I’m still the BEST speaker in RICO.

    I do blame Bobby Schilling though. That was my seat for Congress. It was ME who was the only R on the county board. It was ME who won the 71st district. That was MY seat.

    Thank you everybody for listening to me whine and pout. Even though I talked bad about Bobby and did everything I could to take him out, it’s unfair he supported the candidate he did for RICO chair


  6. Hey everybody. I’m really sorry I pissed my leg one of my the most expensive House races last cycle. But I’m still the BEST Republican in RICO.

    I mean, look how many of former staffers are running the party now? I do blame Rich Morthland though. That was my spotlight. Those were my lists. My yard signs. IT WAS MY ELECTION FOR THE PEOPLE!

    Thank you everybody for listening to me whine and pout. Even though I talked bad about EVERYONE and did every I could to exclude non-Schilling’s from local politics, it’s unfair because he hired Wallace.


  7. OK, all this is slowly coming back to me—bad blood from the ’10 campaign that could be swept under the carpet as long as everyone was winning but busted out in the open after losses.

    For the future of the RICO GOP I hope all this gets aired out and sorted out—but this probably isn’t the best place to do it.

  8. QCE, as your blogfather, I am officially disappointed that anyone would question your integrity!

    You keep doin what you’re doing and screw the haters!

  9. Thanks for your encouraging words Blogfather. I’m beginning to think I’m living in the Hotel Illinois—I can check out anytime I like but I can never leave. 😀

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