The Enemy Within

While the GOP has done well in other states, it is in a sad and sorry situation in Illinois.

As a corrective, The Republican Liberty Caucus of Illinois is making a push for interested GOP activists to obtain the 10 signatures required in order to become a precinct committeeman.

From their material their aim is “to refocus the Illinois Republican Party by promoting the politics of limited government and free enterprise…Leaving precincts vacant of grassroots Republican activists lets compromised establishment GOP to continue losing elections…after decades of patronage and conformity, the republican brand has been tarnished…It is the objective of the RLC-IL to reclaim the Republican Party as the party of liberty as it was founded back in 1854.”

At the top of their website is this quote from Ronald Reagan:

“As government expands, liberty contracts.”

Since the ILGOP is just sort of wandering around in the wilderness anyway, now is an excellent time to reboot and retool into a political party that represents the people, not the powerful.

Unfortunately I won’t be there to participate—the GOP/Tea Party is plenty powerful in Texas, but this looks like an excellent opportunity for activists to work within the party to implement change and take some of the power away from the feckless establishment.


Author: qcexaminer

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