Battle of the ZZZzzzzz

The leftwing is in a tizzy because Cheri Bustos only has a ProgressivePunch vote score of 44.44, which is worse than any other Illinois Democrat in Congress.

On the other hand, Bobby Schilling isn’t anything to write home about—or campaign for either with a Conservative Action score of 66/100.

So what to do? The “progressive” base isn’t excited about Bustos—in fact they hope she will lose so they can get a REAL Democrat in the 17th—not a conservadem.

On the other hand, Schilling isn’t really a conservative or a Tea Party type, so what’s to get excited about on the GOP side?

Looks like the ’14 election for the 17th CD will get down to who makes the least mistakes and the slogan for both Democrat and Republican will be:

Vote For Me: I’m More Bland Than My Opponent.


Stand for something or stand down!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “Battle of the ZZZzzzzz”

  1. From purely a policy standpoint, I would have to agree.

    The GOP—both nationally and in IL is due for a shake up and I think libertarianism is the way to go, otherwise what you’ve got is Democrat and Democrat-Lite with both parties kowtowing to their special interests with no accountability and an eager desire to grow government.

    In my view, GWB was the worst for damaging the GOP brand nationally. NCLB, Homeland Security Dept. Medicare Part D, etc. could have all been ripped from the Dem policy books.

    Bush was a bear on national security, and I’m thankful for that, but after 8 years of him expanding the federal government, it was hard to imagine the GOP was ever for small government—although he did hold the line on taxes, which also contributed to our current problems.

    Anyway, I’m sure Reyes will have an uphill battle, but at least he’s giving the people of the 17th CD a choice, not an echo. 😀

  2. I don’t know Reyes but I’m very suspicious of a guy who, only a few months ago, was defending Obama and Obamacare publicly. He falls somewhere between perennial candidate and political opportunist, which just a touch of narcissism required to run for political office.

  3. Wish he would have ran for something else instead of ending his career by challenging the Schilling-Shitstorm Factory!

  4. OK, I’m now pretty sure there are multiple ricogops—I just don’t have the energy and interest in sorting them out.

    As for Reyes defending Obamacare recently, let’s get real here: Big Labor promoted the hell out of Obamacare but now that it has passed and they found out what is in it, they are demanding either changes to their benefit or outright repeal of this idiot law. If reliable lockstepping Democrat special interests are even now backing away from what they campaigned for, why not give others some slack?

    And really, if GOP icon Ronald Reagan could say he didn’t leave the Democrat Party the Democrat Party left him, why isn’t it possible for others to have a Road To Damascus moment? My governor Rick Perry began his political life as a Democrat but became the longest serving governor in Texas—as a GOPer.

    Personally, I have been all over the ideological spectrum from left to right and everything in between. Sure I have never run for public office, but at least I can empathize with those who do evolve and change.

    And speaking of Schilling and “change”, he ran as a conservative, but his voting record was anything but.

    You ricogopers are acting like Phil Phreaks—you won’t attack or engage Reyes on issues, you attack his motives.

    As if you know what is in his heart/mind.

    Shame on you all—-you are becoming what you hated in ’10.

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