By Their Tweets Ye Shall Know Them

From Eric Reyes’ twitter today:

I’m proud to say that I oppose #war w/#Syria because I’m a #patriotic American who loves my country. #17 #StandWithRand #StandWithReyes

Last twitter from Cheri Bustos, date unknown:

cheribustos@MikeNitzel Thanks for volunteering!

Last twitter from Bobby Schilling dated August 16:

@cheribustos has time to fundraise with Pelosi in Chicago but can’t be bothered the people who elected her.…#17

I don’t twitter or facebook or any of that other 21st century hoohaw, but from this sampling, it appears Reyes is the only one so far using that newfangled media stuff to his advantage. This makes perfect sense since Reyes seems to be aiming at the under 40 vote and will be unlikely to have the campaign $$$$ that Bustos and Schilling will have. He is using social media to get his message out with a timely tweet about war. Bustos doesn’t need to use it because the local press will ask her about the hot issues anyway. Bobby is in no man’s land, it seems.

Looking through Bustos’ tweets, it looks like her target audience is age 50+ union workers and post-menopausal abortion advocates. At least she knows and understands her base.

Schilling’s last tweet is incoherent. WTF does “can’t be bothered the people who elected her” mean? And really, how long can he use Pelosi as his boogeyman since she hasn’t had power for years? She may have had some potent power back when Bobby was first elected in ’10, but now—not so much.

You can tell a lot by a politician’s tweets—not all of it good.

Bustos really doesn’t need new media since the 17th was gerrymandered especially for her, all she has to do is announce she is a Dem and she’ll automatically get a certain percent of the votes. The establishment media will do the rest of the work for her by giving her an open forum for her views and holding off on any tough questions.

Bobby Schilling used to know how to use new media back in the day (2010) when I was following his campaign. But something happened in the 2010-2013 interim and as Scoundrel says, Schilling lost his pizazz. He just doesn’t seem to be “all in” this time around. Maybe he fell for the ego-boosting calls for him to run again without really thinking it through. Maybe he’s having a staffing problem after all those rumors surfaced about how he treated his staff after his election.

It beats the heck out of me, but from his most recent tweets he seems to be pandering to the establishment Susie Carpentier wing of the RICO GOP and just whining about Bustos not holding town halls, flying on Air Force Won with the Won rather than voting on Arsenal issues in DC, hanging out with Pelosi at fundraisers, etc. rather than talking substance. All in all, an issues-free campaign so far.

Back in ’10 I would have never imagined a Schilling campaign would ever be so empty and devoid of substance.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

11 thoughts on “By Their Tweets Ye Shall Know Them”

  1. “he seems to be pandering to the establishment” If you look at his record, that should be no surprise. He ran on a Tea Party ticket then threw us under the bus just a few months after he was elected.

  2. I’m just sorta winging it here, but I never really thought Schilling completely embraced the Tea Party. In part this may have been an attempt to avoid leftwingers calling him a teabagger (although they call EVERYONE who doesn’t march lockstep with their ideology names), but it may have also been an alliance of convenience as LiberTEA suggests. Just throw enough crumbs to the TP in order to get them to back him, then back off after victory. I just dunno, since I was out of state for most of Bobby’s term and re-election campaign.

    It doesn’t seem to me there is much future in cozying up to the GOP establishment—-especially in RICO, where, during the 35 years I lived there they mostly existed to make the Dems look good and seemed to live in fear that the Mighty Dem Politburo might not like them. Stockholm Syndrome, maybe, but they have been worthless, as have the national GOP establishment personified by McCain and his ilk.

    It hurt Schilling when the Dems took Quincy/Adams County out of the 17th, because they were the absolute epicenter of the anti-Dem insurgency, but by going Dem-lite, or status-quo GOP, he isn’t giving his base much to get excited about, or to vote for.

    As I said previously, I don’t know what to make of Schilling’s behavior—currently it appears he’s in Where’s Waldo mode. πŸ˜€

  3. Granted, he did run in 2010 when the TEA Party was surging. But I helped run his call center for the last 2mo of that campaign and nearly every day someone would ask if he was tea party. Bobby was clear to say that he is a conservative but not a tea party candidate. As you evaluate your choice, please do not be misled by incorrect memories.

  4. I tend to vote candidates that back issues that are close to me. I have never known a candidate that I could totally embrace. Despite what the Democrat and Republican Part would have us voters believe – there is NO “One Size Fits All” candidate. So a voter must pick his poison and hope it is not deadly nightshade.

    I don’t tweet; though I have been referred to as a twit. πŸ˜‰ I have recently started playing around in Facebook. One advantage Reyes does offer in an election against Bustos -an advantage that has killed many Republicans in modern elections- he is more savvy in Social media than the average Republican.

  5. Well jw, in my view that’s not an exact comparison. Ron Paul had been banging around politics—and presidential politics for a long time and everyone was pretty familiar with his policies—and crankiness!

    Eric Reyes is relatively new with not a lot of moolah in his campaign (at least so far) so this helps him get his message out and aids fundraising.

    Bustos doesn’t need new media because she’s backed by powerful Democrat special interests (i.e. unions, abortion industry, establishment press etc.)

    Schilling may not need new media now either since he is known and likely has a base of financial sources.

    So new media helps the new people who don’t have the campaign infrastructure in place that those being backed by the two primary political parties have. New media helps level the playing field in my view.

    Same goes for money in politics—money follows message, not the other way around—otherwise we’d have President Perot and Phil Hare would still be congressman of the 17th CD. πŸ˜€

  6. Justin, that was my recollection too. What I remember is Schilling gently attempting to distance himself from the TP—but not totally rejecting it either.

    I don’t have any idea what he is running as now, but I would think it would be deadly to run as a social conservative in the NEW! IMPROVED! GERRYMANDERED! DEMOCRAT! 17th CD.I don’t imagine he could run as anything other than a social conservative, but this is where a libertarian might be able to make a break through since they are mostly socially liberal, or at least socially indifferent (like me). Social issues like same sex marriage, abortion, etc. will be killers for the GOP in the new Democrat gerrymandered 17th I would think. Better to just murmur something about leaving it up to the states, and leave it at that!

  7. S, I agree that at least in the past, the GOP has been more retarded when it comes to technology—hopefully that will soon change.

    Speaking of being technologically retarded, I can’t figure out how to fix the comment thing. When I went on my 2 year sabbatical I put comments on full moderation, but when I returned and figured the Phil Phreaks had all departed I put back on approve one, then all approved.

    For some reason, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t.

    Suggestions? (email if too detailed πŸ˜€ )

  8. “If online media mattered, Ron Paul would have been our Presidential nominee.”

    JW: Actually – though not my preference- Ron Paul might have been able to be President if not for Republican indifference to Social media. The Social Media Raves chanting Ron Paul, consisted of a great deal of support from individuals that were not likely to pull a local Republican Primary ballot. Typical Republican voters are as stodgy at Social Media as the politicians that represent them.

    QCEx – Word Press has changed some of the structure of their blogs. They are always tinkering. With most of the styles I have used, there is a selection under settings/discussion where you can select an option of either – An administrator must always approve the comment
    -Comment author must have a previously approved comment

    I usually select -comment author must have a previously approved comment –

    That way any new commentators have to wait for approval and any regular authors get automatically approved unless they have words or ip’s you have restricted. I started that when Barrett when all Wrath of Khan on me. If it don’t work e-mail me at the yahoo address. Though I am considering dumping my Yahoo! accounts in the future. They continue to become a bigger pain in the derriere the longer I have them.

  9. The Paultards can’t win in the 17th. Bobby schilling will likely pull this one off again unless his meddling in other races hurts his base like the Neal Anderson/John Wallace primary did.

  10. Yeah ricogop, I heard about what Schilling did in the Anderson/Wallace primary and it is one of the reasons for my increased negativity toward him.


    S, I did that—multiple times and it still doesn’t work consistently. Maybe there is some other thing I need to tweek, or maybe I’ve just got too many ips and names on my Spam Hell list and need to clean it out. I’ll try that and see what happens. As you’ve noticed, sometimes your comments go through and sometimes they get hung up in moderation. These intertubes thingees are a mystery! πŸ˜€

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