Please Don’t Bother Trying To Find Him, He’s Not There

At the prodding of commenter Midwest Rhino in a previous post, I decided to tackle the policy positions of the three candidates for congress in the 17th CD, even though this project looked way too labor intensive for what I’m doing these days.

I decided to start with “Jobs and Economy” since that is the top of everyone’s list of what needs improvement. Here’s what I found:

GOPer Eric Reyes has an 8 point plan he calls “Plan To Restore America” which includes lower corporate taxes while abolishing corporate subsidies, reducing the federal workforce and perks for elected officials, repeal Obamacare, Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley, among other things. Go to the link for the full info.

Incumbent Dem Cheri Bustos has a Jobs and Economy page that begins with trite campaign slogans and talking points like the GOP doesn’t care about jobs and the economy, just “scoring political points”. Whatever, Cheri, just preach to the choir and all will be well. Jeez!

Beyond the campaign sloganeering, she offers what she calls a “Manufacturing Triangle” encompassing the QCs, Rockford and Peoria. Living in Texas, I can attest that most of Cat’s business is here, not in union heavy Illinois. In fact, some of my neighbors are Illinois transplants who were transferred to factories here in Texas. So good luck with that Cheri. Unless Illinois goes Right To Work, I don’t think you should count on much manufacturing increase. Not surprisingly, she’s also against “shipping jobs overseas”, which Dem talking point worked so well for Hare against Schilling.

Amazingly, although she is pro-union because she knows the abortion industry won’t be able to provide enough $$$$ for her campaign, she also comes out against onerous regulations on small business—-take THAT Bobby!

And speaking of Bobby Schilling, here’s what he has on his issues page—NADA, ZILCH, ZERO because it seems Bobby Schilling don’t need no stinkin’ issues—-don’t you know who he is?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “Please Don’t Bother Trying To Find Him, He’s Not There”

  1. Bobby doesn’t need info to beat failed Eric Reyes.
    Reyes is a great thespian but has so many issues including his days with Jeff Terronez.
    Bobby will win 95% to Reyes 3%.

    Glad to have you back with us QC.
    The QC is in your heart. You just live in Texas.

  2. Well ricogop, your claim might be more credible except for the fact that Schilling ran last year in the reconfigured 17th, which included parts of Rockford and Peoria. Please don’t play me for a fool—Bobby doesn’t have an Issues page because he can’t decide how far left he can go and still call himself a Republican and without completely alienating the GOP base.
    The appeal of Vote For Bobby Schilling: He’s Just Cheri Bustos With A Y Chromosome will have limited results if your aim is to turn out the GOP base—both in the primary and the general.


    Thanks for your kind words Julie, but I’m afraid your comment about Bobby not needing “info” to win is typical of the hubris and arrogance that I have been hearing about Schilling and his campaign staff.

    In ’10 Bobby was all about “a servant’s heart” but in ’13, he’s saying we don’t need to give no stinkin’ info to the proles. Quite a difference, I’d say.

    Considering Bobby has already been defeated once by Bustos, some humility might be in order rather than mindless prancing and preening.

    Just a thought.

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