We Always Did Feel The Same, We Just Saw It From A Different Point Of View

GOP candidate for IL17thCD Eric Reyes has issued a Road To Damascus Manifesto in which he explains his political  journey from born Democrat to Republican to Libertarian.  His explanation is honest and heart-felt and although I’m not sure how much the libertarian message will resonate in the Democrat gerrymandered 17th CD or how much campaign $$$$ he will be able to glean from this, I know that if he can come out and contrast how libertarianism is a viable choice from Bustos’  trite Dem stance and Schilling’s Dem-Lite stance, I think he could make some headway, especially among the young and others like me who have lost faith and trust in the establishment—GOP and Dem— to actually represent the interests of the people rather than the special interests.

Unfortunately, I can’t vote for Reyes or do much to promote his candidacy, but if I was still in the QCs, I would do all I could to see him win.  Schilling had his second chance and blew it; Bustos represents the tired, play-out Democrat establishment.

Time to turn the page in the 17th CD because the status quo obviously ain’t working.


Author: qcexaminer

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27 thoughts on “We Always Did Feel The Same, We Just Saw It From A Different Point Of View”

  1. ye gods, I’ve forgotten how to do html. I’ll try to fix it, but no promises since this stuff was always sort of a mystery to me anyway. 🙂

    UPDATE: Nevermind I fixed it—it was wordpress’s fault. 😀

  2. Thanks for finding the Tea Party candidate … or at least that is what he sounds like. I’d quibble with him of some of his immigration reform, but it’s not bad. I’d be OK with temporary visa for those here illegally, but that comes with never becoming voting citizens, but only residency. He sounds like his folks came here legally, though he doesn’t exactly clarify that.

    QCE, you can still have as much influence as you did for Bobby, minus your one vote. Do your issues like before, maybe even borrowing directly from those pages, with new catchy titles. I bet Eric would even give some direct responses to your pages, since he needs every grass roots supporter he can get.

    Hopefully he isn’t just catching the tea party wave without really having any scales removed from his eyes. But he sounds like the best option. The two pro union candidates can split that vote and Eric could slip in with 40%. 🙂

  3. It’s like Reyes and Schilling just swapped parties!

    BTW, glad to see posts again. No reason you can’t write about this race intelligently from afar. Trust me, living in the district bestows no special knowledge or advantage.

  4. I like Bobby Schilling as a person. But, he voted the wrong way on major issues that directly impacted our freedom and liberty. He had his chance and let us down. We don’t need to re-elect another Rep that is going to cave to the establishment that we’ve all been fighting.

    I’ve spoken in person with Eric Reyes and have been inter-acting with him on facebook. I feel he’s the real deal and has my support.

  5. I’m sorry, what did Schilling do wrong? Besides be the first Republican to win this district in 30 years? Besides articulate a conservative message that appealed to the entire electorate? Besides understand his job was to govern and represent, not showboat, a la Joe Walsh? I don’t get this at all. The only thing I get is that this is personal for some of the commenters in this thread.

  6. I don’t dislike Schilling, I just don’t think he has the pizazz it will take to unseat Bustos in this heavily gerrymandered district. That said I am not gung ho Reyes either. I feel like many wannabe politicians he changed his direction and messages to get around the roadblock put up by the Democrat Politburo protecting Politburo insiders. But I could be wrong as who truly knows what is in a mans heart. That can be doubly said for a politician. They are not known for their real honesty. Most are like Obama – willing to say or do whatever it takes to get elected and then hold office. How many times did Arlene Specter change his colors? Several.

    That said looking at the prospect of a Reyes campaign – I think it would be tougher for him to win a Republican Primary than it would be to win an overall election. Though I am unsure of his draw potential in any race. Looking at it from a logical perspective: his first hurdle would be winning enough Republicans to select him -a former Liberal leaning Democrat- over Schilling. Difficult at best, maybe impossible. It depends on whom he can get backing from within the Party as well as how his campaign is managed versus how well Schillings campaigned is managed. As with most modern elections, success is more about image and appeal than content. If the Hispanic vote in RI county were heavily Republican – I would say he would be a shoe-in. Its not. In fact just the opposite. Most Hispanics I know tend to vote heavily Democrat. During the last few elections most of the Hispanics I know – were scared of the Republican tickets because the Progressive Democrats have successfully scared the living $hit out of them with rhetoric about the evil Republicans – that were going to run both legal and illegals out of the country- and the heroic Democrats whom were going to protect them all legal or illegal immigrants.

    Still if Reyes could pull up an upset win over Schilling then he might stand a chance against Bustos. Like all spot-changing politicians a win in the Primary would allow him to move more to the left with his message. His newly Libertarian message would not clash with many moderate Republicans even if he moderated parts of his message to attract parts of the Mexican and Latin American Vote. I think his Libertarian campaign message would be a smart move for himself and an acceptable gamble for the local Republican Party.

    The logic states – the Republican party at state and federal levels have screwed the pooch with the Hispanic voting population after gains under Bush2. Yet, the Republicans and the Hispanic Voters are a much better match on paper than with any other ethnic group. They are exactly the type of immigrants the Republican Party praises. The majority are hardworking individuals looking to establish family roots and also tend to have strong religious ties, though mostly Catholic, which can be a minus for a party operated by mostly Evangelical tied candidates .Plus they are the fastest growing ethnic group in the country. Though to bring the marriage to fruition the Party would need another Ronald Reagan to act as a matchmaker.

    Just my thoughts on the situation.

  7. “I had initially held out hope that the Court would correctly rule that The Commerce Clause also granted Congress the authority to enact the individual mandate; however, based on the Court’s recent rulings that ignored both logic and precedent (such as Citizens United) I’d realized that simply wasn’t very likely to happen.” – Eric Reyes 2012 response to Supreme Court ruling on obamacare.

    Man…what a “Rand Paul libertarian Republican”

  8. Some discombobulated observations:

    1. Frankly, I’m surprised by the Schilling pushback. I would have thought Reyes was a mere fly on the rump of Schilling’s campaign, but no.

    2. I mostly agree with S’s assessment, but I would add that it will be difficult for Schilling to overcome the “loser factor”. I don’t know how many politicians won their first contest, lost the next, then came roaring back the third time to victory. Probably not a lot.

    3. Which brings me to Justin Anderson’s whine about Schilling and his “articulate conservative message that appealed to the entire electorate”. So that worked fine in ’10 against leftwing wacko Hare, but obviously the “conservative message” didn’t resonate so much in ’12 with the “entire electorate”, did it? And bringing up Joe Walsh for comparison? Really Justin? Jeez! How about this whine: The Democrats who control all levers of power in Illinois gerrymandered Schilling out of his “entire electorate”? Works for me.

    4. Most astute comment so far goes to JW: “It’s like Reyes and Schilling just swapped parties.” Which explains Schilling’s lurch to the left, which means the 17th CD will have a choice between two moderate Democrats and a libertarian. For a long time I thought the RICO GOP was gone, baby, gone—this pretty much confirms my suspicions

    5. I have some empathy for Reyes, since I have flipped and made bad political choices myself. If you browse through my archives, you’ll discover I was an early Obama Girl. I’m not particularly proud of that, but rather than delete the embarrassment, I use it as a reminder for how wrong I have got things in the past.

    6. MR had an excellent suggestion about using this blog as a forum for issues. I don’t expect the principals to engage directly, but I do plan to do a post about the policy positions of the three.

  9. I am not sure which Justin Anderson is posting here, or if that even is Justin Anderson. But I know that I am(Reyes and JW can confirm) and in this Justin’s opinion, the other Justin is way off. Yes, Schilling was the first candidate to run as a conservative and win that seat in 30 years. But the accuracy ends there. He articulated a conservative message in 2010 and that helped him defeat Hare. However, in 2012 he ran as, and debated as, a right leaning moderate republican who was proud of his grade in the mid 50s on a scale where 0 is completely liberal and 100 is completely conservative. If he had continued to run as a conservative, oh and voting as one in Congress would have helped also, then he may have been able to successfully defend the seat in 2012.

  10. Well, this wouldn’t be the first time sock puppetry was employed at QCE and probably won’t be the last, but I rely on JW’s word, since I have known him since he was in kindergarten.

  11. 2010 and 2012 should have had vastly different campaign models. Schillings 2012 campaign lacked the zing needed to beat Bustos. Bustos won not because she ran a high profile campaign but because the district is gerrymandered for a Democrat win. Unlike Hare, Bustos did not beat herself – and that is all that was needed.

    Her actual campaign was uninspiring. The same Evans-Hare-Politburo rhetoric. The same old Politburo faces rallying around the chosen one. And mostly she sent out glossy mailers with pictures of her, family and supporters. Yee Haw that was impressive, NOT! But if you are going to overcome a gerrymandered district you got to excite the voters and then batter your opponent if they are not busy self-destructing. Schilling did neither, so he lost.

    Reyes is a puzzle to consider. The biggest problem with Reyes – should he win the primary and then defeat Bustos; you can bet the Politburo would be looking to make him the next Arlen Specter.

  12. Well yeah S, that’s what I’m thinking too—-how will Bobby Schilling, the Me-Too Dem moderate, fire up the GOP base and excite the GOP voters?

    He can’t.

    He won’t.

    It appears he is counting on massive Dem cross-over for the primary, which ain’t gonna happen. in the 35 years I lived in the QCs, I only took out a GOP primary ballot once.

    And I am not exactly what you would call a white-hot Dem partisan voter.

    Or even a tepid Democrat voter. 😀

  13. Amateurs ITT. There isn’t a single Republican candidate who could have won the IL-17 given the way the election played out. Not one. Not even Jesus. But carry on.

    Also not sure who that Justin Anderson is but I’m the real Justin Anderson… the one who’s 4’11”, has red hair, and sells New York Life Insurance to his friends.

  14. Why yes, I am a Financial Services Professional working for the largest mutual insurance company in the country. Therefore, I am always happy to talk about someone’s financial needs and goals, friend or new acquaintance alike. Whether that be life Insurance or any other financial product that may be helpful to them. Thank you for the free plug!

  15. It seems the only thing I’ve heard Schillings bring up is this Affordable Care Act statement, taken out of context, and therefore misrepresented. I invite you all to check out Eric’s full approach to this issue, and you’ll see just that.

    I also invite you view some real facts about Schilling, and why Reyes might be the better alternative to Schilling’s voting record, and why he may be the best person to vote for in March, and then in November.


  16. I don’t think we need to call names on this site anymore. I’ve learned from working as a cashier at Jumers to treat everybody with respect. I full support Rep. Schilling 110% and that is that. I’ve also sold many life insurance policies before and know that they are all a bunch of swindlers.

  17. What a surprise! The Truth About Reyes blog is countered by The Truth About Bobby blog.

    From a purely aesthetic POV, I have to go with TAB—only losers like TAR still use BlogSpot and black background. What is this—the 90’s? 😀

    Whoever wins the primary, I do hope they will initiate the Truth About Bustos blog.
    Bloggers: Doing the Work the Establishment Press is Too Lazy/Frightened To Do!

  18. 😆 Whoever wins the primary, I do hope they will initiate the Truth About Bustos blog. 😆

    And it should contain a glossy mailer for a header with a picture of her that could also be mailed to voters. 🙂

  19. You know what I don’t like Bobby Schilling? Because he was against spending $10,000 on such a cool elephant like Trumper. Bringing Trumper in parades has to have accounted for at LEAST thousands of votes.

  20. Well OK, I’m trying to cut down on sock-puppetry this time, but what the heck happened to Larry Bey? Five months as PB mayor and he throws in the towel. What’s up with that?

  21. I just read about PB myself. Other than a relative that lives outside of town, currently I am only familiar with one person from the PB area, and that is a casual acquaintance at best. I actually have more connections in Hillsdale. But I just do not get out that way anymore either. Like all small villages, probably too much drama. I did read where some PB businesses were complaining about the TUG Fest interfering with their livelihood.
    I was actually out to Port Byron on business about a month ago. We were early so we took the 25 cent tour. The downtown reminds me of a another place that i know, that hasn’t changed much since before my dad was born. PB hasn’t changed much either. They do have two banks now.

    Me, I am just glad I don’t have to play intramural football at Dorrance Park any longer, as I did i when I attended Coe elementary. Played there for a Freshman game also. Mud hole from one 20 yard line to the other 20 yard line. Yuck!

  22. Thanks for the link S, looks like PB is trying to out-drama Cordova. 😀

    PB must have elected some real radical people to the board since I left. I didn’t live in the city limits, so didn’t pay much attention to city business, but the way I remember PB government pre-2012 was it was basically a rubber stamp with very little dissent or controversy.

    Times change quickly, don’t they?

  23. Eric Reyes is the worst of the worst.
    He can’t decide on which color sock to wear so he wears on blue and one black.
    He could not get the signatures to run before and he has already violated campaign laws by not filing campaign donations as required.
    Eric Reyes will get drummed out by Bobby in the Republican primary.

    It is nice to have you back with us.
    I knew you loved Illinois more than Texas as you still consider us home.

    Thanks QC

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