We Can’t Jawbone Our Way To Prosperity….

but by Gaia, Barack Obama is gonna give it  a try.

Headline from QCOnline: ” Obama: Forget “phony scandals” and fix the middle class.”

Headline from QCTimes”  “In Galesburg, President Obama focuses on middle class.”

Previously, Bobby Schilling said his campaign would “focus on fighting for the middle class”.

Does this mean Bobby is on Obama’s team?  Does this mean Bobby needs to get a clue?  Will it happen?

Beats me.

Bobby Schilling and Barack Obama: Fighting for the middle class.





Having read some commentary about Obama’s speech/screed, I noticed all, or almost all the headlines included the words “middle class” and “phony scandals”.  As I’ve mentioned before, the “fighting for the middle class” bit has been done to death, so my guess is all these “economic” speeches Obama plans to deliver aren’t really about the economy, since he didn’t present any new ideas.  These speeches will be about using a compliant press to repeat his lie about “phony” scandals to downgrade Benghazi, IRS targeting, NSA, etc. (too many to name, really) to nothing more than political hackery.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

10 thoughts on “We Can’t Jawbone Our Way To Prosperity….”

  1. G, I don’t think PHF is a “leftist”, I think he is a Schilling fan and is just venting about my lack of enthusiasm for him—not that it really makes much difference since I won’t be voting in Illinois or blogging much.

    I don’t think I was either the “best” or “most idiotic” blogger, but my lack of intensity, focus, research and thinking about stuff makes my most recent posts seem more like a private online diary rather than a public blog. I do realize and understand the difference between my post and pre-Texas blogging—there are just too many distractions in Texas.

    I still don’t see any reason for Schilling to run again—especially if his campaign is based on the tired and trite “I’m fighting for the middle class” meme, but that ain’t my problem. What seems unfortunate to me is that the Phil fans and Bobby fans are the same in at least one major way—if you aren’t mindlessly cheerleading for their guy, you are an idiot—or something.

    Oh well.

  2. It’s not so much that qcexaminer is ignorant, it’s just that she knows so much that isn’t so.

    You’ve got an uneducated an inexperienced opinion on everything political, and you’ve never stepped into the arena. You’ve hid behind an anonymous blog because even you are afraid of the union goons and Rico democrats.

    But I would argue that you being in support of continuing the gop meme of never talking to the middle class and only defending tax cuts for millionaires and big oil is extremely idiotic and you’ve got no credible reason for bobby to not talk about helping the middle class.

    In fact, I think your only reason has been, “oh that’s what Obama/Bustos did!”

    Well guess what? They both won and cast their opponents as for the party of the rich.

  3. PHF I have no idea what you’re talking about and wtf is with the “any gop meme” bit?

    Yet you continue to read and comment on a blog published by an “ignorant”, “uneducated” and “inexperienced” fraidy-cat.


    I’ll see to it that at least you won’t have to be burdened by commenting here.

    Good luck pushing Schilling as Obama/Bustos-lite. That sounds like a real winner.

  4. PHF demonstrates how the “frankly madame, I don’t give a damn … about the constitution” candidates can win. The more educated a Democrat is, the more they can spout the Democrat paper thin talking points. PHF is not well educated in the memes, obviously, but gives it the old college try. lol

    “THE middle class” (they are all the same I guess) has their health insurance costs skyrocket, along with fuel bills, and college for the kids costs more and delivers less.

    Bush sucked when unemployment was 5%, but Obama is a savior at 7.8%, even though the total labor force percent is in steady decline. But if you combine the workers that have given up looking, with those that are shifted to part time … you still only get a GLORIOUS 7.8%.

    Once unruly constitutionalist tea partiers are all audited to death by Lois Lerner’s IRS hit squads, and replaced with more compliant third world illegals that accept how a true banana republic, then there will finally be no problems for the middle class, because they will be eliminated.

    There will only be the glorious Communist Party, and all their mobster enforcers, and the proles that know their place. About the time the last tea party is raided, the public union pensioners will figure out their promised future is as glorious an abandoned Detroit neighborhood.

    Hey … Holder is at war with the south, and wants no voter ID for them. Maybe he’ll go after IL Dem’s for carving out the black vote from our district. How dare they carve out parts of Bloomington, Peoria and Springfield, and forcing them into Democrat districts. I’m sure he’ll get right on that.

  5. Well yeah S, and unfortunately it is both Democrats and Republicans who are doing the Big Ticket Sell—GWB wasn’t exactly a small government conservative. Maybe he wasn’t a conservative at all—except maybe to those who bought his Compassionate Conservatism shtick. The lesson being, when a Republican starts spouting off about compassion—hold on to your wallets!

    MR, in this case I believe PHF is a Schilling operative who is peeved about my lack of enthusiasm for Schilling. From what I’ve heard from the QCs enthusiasm for Schilling has been waning for sometime—at least since he was first elected.

    As for “fighting for the middle class”, a review of the facts show Obama and his policies have been murder on the middle class, but never mind, the Parrot Bobby will run his campaign on the same playbook at Democrats in ’12.

    Schilling is obviously out of ideas if he is reheating Dem talking points. I don’t really give a damn and the fact that I’m getting pushback from his handlers is frankly baffling. I have zero influence in the 17th which is just the way I like it.

    PHF reminds what I hated most about blogging—-99% of my commenters. 😀

    PS: I got a hoot out of your comparison of Holder going after TX with the Dems remapping IL into racial ghettos—well said and so true, brother.

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