Quote Of The Day

Thomas Sowell:


“I am so old that I can remember when most of the people promoting race hate were white”.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day”

  1. I know I have stated this before but – Progressive Politicians have cried Wolf about racism so often – real racism gets lost in a chasm created by the hollow echos of scoundrels and scalawags.

  2. Holder could have quelled the race riots by explaining Obama is more white than Zimmerman. George is half Hispanic, 3/8ths white, 1/8th black. He has stood up against police for a black homeless man, was tutoring black kids … could hardly have been less racist.

    Amazing that they are really stoking race wars from the highest levels of our government. After Benghazi, IRS attacks on the tea party and Romney donors, and Holder selling 2500 guns to murderous drug cartels, and Holder falsely accusing reporters of crimes so ass to monitor them, no surprise they need a big distraction.

    But Republicans seem content to play along and force amnesty and more global warming crap upon us … never confronting the criminals in the executive branch.

    Of course “we” elected Obama out of a “God Damn America” black power church, and he was raised by far left assorted broken family parents, and Barry was mentored in his youth by communist Frank Marshall Davis. What could possibly go wrong?

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